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5-Star Burger

5 Star Burgers is a Winner!

I made a quick photo excursion to Old Town Albuquerque today and discovered that a brand new restaurant has opened on Central Ave, only a few steps away from the local landmark Garcia’s. 5 Star Burgers is a Santa Fe restaurant that has migrated to Albuquerque (along with its neighbor Viniagrette) and is a welcome sight along the strip of Central Ave. that faces Old Town. When I stopped in, it was open for less than a week. So, you ask, how is the food?

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I was seated and ordered a New Mexican staple. A green chile cheeseburger topped with sharp cheddar, a side order of fries, and a glass of house red wine. Service is good. The staff is very attentive, the decor has a crisp, stylish look, and the prices are quite modest. So far so good.

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I ordered my burger well done. Usually, that means accepting a bit of toughness as most restaurants tend to overcook it a bit. Not 5 Star Burgers! The burger was incredibly moist and juicy even though there was not a bit of pink to be seen in the generously portioned patty. In fact, I have to go on record as saying that is is one of the tenderest burgers I can remember having in a long time! The meat, ground Angus beef from locally sourced Harris Ranch is a real winner here. Tender, flavorful, and so very moist!

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I do have one wish, however. I had hoped for a bit more heat from the green chile and the green chile mayo. Both are on the mild side. That may just be me. I’m the kind of guy that travels with his own cayenne pepper and hot sauce, so I like things with a bit more heat than most folks. If they offered a hot version of the green chile and the green chile mayo as an option along with the burger, this would have been the perfect, and I do mean the perfect burger experience!

The french fries were well executed. Fried to perfection and without a hint of greasiness. Overall, this is a very pleasant, upscale burger dining experience. True, I was left yearning for a bit more heat in my green chile and condiments. However, that can be easily remedied. 5 Star Burgers knows how to make an excellent burger.

I have taken a strong liking to 5 Star Burgers and will definitely be back!

5 Star Burgers Review Summary
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5 Star Burgers serves tender, moist, flavorful burgers that melt in your mouth. My only wish was for a bit more heat in the green chile and condiment choices. This is one of the very best upscale burger dining experiences in Albuquerque.