A Vintage Suit With Contemporary Style!

Can you wear a suit that is more than twenty-five years old and still look up-to-date? I say yes! Here is an example of how a carefully curated vintage suit can look contemporary and work as part of a classic modern wardrobe!

vintage men's suit - Huntington Clothiers
My vintage 25-year-old Huntington Suit

The suit I am wearing above is a wool twenty-five-year-old three-button ‘sack’ suit made in a style popularized by Brooks Brothers more than 100 years ago. It has a timeless ‘three-roll-two‘ button configuration (the top button in never buttoned in this three-button style suit). The jacket is single vented, with a hint of waist suppression. The pants are finished with double pleats, a medium-wide cut in the leg and cuffs. The pants have both belt-loops and suspender buttons. The all-season nail-head pattern wool fabric is durable and perfect for business and formal wear.

Huntington Clothiers Label
Huntington Clothiers Suit Label

This suit is made by the defunct Huntington Clothiers in Columbus, Ohio. Huntington was known for its moderately-priced ‘Ivy League‘ style clothing. It’s seasonal mail-order catalogs promoted classic Ivy style 3-button suits and sport coats,  button-down oxford style dress shirts, and regimental ties. Huntington Clothiers went out of business in 1995 during the heyday of the ‘power suit’ (heavily padded shoulders, wide lapels, low gorge … ).

Huntington Clothiers Catalog
A page from the Huntington men’s wear catalog of Spring, 1995

The best vintage clothing has classic style that stands the test of time.

At 25 years of age, this Huntington Clothiers ‘sack suit’ certainly qualifies as ‘vintage.’ Yet, its modest styling is classic and timeless. I purchased this suit second-hand for only $8.00 on Poshmark.com. Other than a tiny, nearly imperceptible fabric snag, it is in perfect condition. The fabric shows no signs of wear or age. It features half-canvas interlining construction ( a sign of quality) and a lightweight half-lining. I would compare this suit’s quality to a modern machine-made Hickey Freeman or Hart Schaffner Marx ready-to-wear suit you would pay $350-$500.00 for at a better department store. Pair this suit with a classic oxford shirt and tie and it will exude timeless style!

Huntington Men's Suit - Vintage

Look out for classic suits from Huntington when thrift shopping. It is a brand worth seeking out for low-cost vintage suits. Just be sure to check for any moth damage or signs of wear that are more likely in a suit of this vintage. If you find a well-cared-for suit from this brand you should not expect to pay more than $15.00 – $25.00 online for it due to its age. It’s classic good looks and quality construction makes it a good buy! -SplurgeFrugal!

In this post, I am wearing a Tom James Royal Classic silk tie (purchased for $2.00 at a local thrift shop) and cotton dress shirt by Roundtree and Yorke (purchased for $1.00 at a local thirft shop) along with my Huntington wool suit (purchased for $8.00 on Poshmark.com). The pocket square was made from the lining of a worn-out discarded old suit.

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