Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Dress Shirts Review (Thrifted)

Brooks Brothers is the standard-bearer when it comes to classic business attire in the American tradition. They produce classic, well-made tailored clothing for the business class. I probably will never buy a new Brooks Brothers dress shirt given my insistently frugal leanings. However, I do purchase Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Shirts second-hand online and at local thrift shops. They are a vital part of my dress wardrobe.

Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Cotton Shirts, My Impressions …

In this review, I give my impressions of Brooks Brothers Non-Iron 100% Cotton Shirts (windowpane pattern). These shirts, if new, sell for $92.00. I recently purchased two of these shirts (used) in like-new condition as a lot on for a total of $10.00 (plus $6.98 shipping). I love a bargain!

Non-Iron Shirt - Brooks Brothers

Non-iron shirts have come a long way. Years ago, they would have a stiff, crunchy feel because of the treatment they undergo to give the cotton its wrinkle-fighting characteristics. However, these Brooks Brothers non-iron dress shirts have a soft and natural feel. The cotton fabric drapes smoothly and is very comfortable to wear.

Review: Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Cotton Shirts

I launder, tumble dry and iron all of my dress shirts whether they are regular cotton or non-iron to give them a crisp professional look. I am not satisfied with a dress shirt that has no wrinkles, it needs to have a crisp look that can only be achieved with a good steam iron.  It is quite easy to give these Brooks Brothers non-iron cotton shirts a crisp, polished look with a good steam iron. Use my tips for laundering and ironing cotton shirts to avoid the cost and wear and tear of professional dry cleaning.

These shirts are slim-fit but do not hug the body. They offer a ‘skosh’ more room than fashion-forward slim-fit shirts from other brands. For that reason, they work best with business-appropriate suits with modest tailoring.

Classic Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Dress Shirt are great for formal business attire.

Brooks Brothers Blue Oxford Non-Iron Supima Cotton Dress Shirts (Thrifted)

Brooks Brothers Supima Cotton Dress Shirts
Brooks Brothers Supima Cotton Dress Shirt

I was recently able to purchase two second-hand Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Supima Oxford Cotton Dress Shirts in excellent condition for less than the cost of lunch for two at McDonalds (I’d rather thrift than eat at McDonalds). These shirts feature two-button barrel cuffs, French front placket and a chevron split-back yoke. The cotton feels luxurious and irons beautifully. The classic tailoring and design of these shirts make them a great choice for dressing up in classic menswear.

Brooks Brothers Supima Cotton Dress Shirt
My Oxford Blue Brooks Brothers Supima Cotton Dress Shirt

Tips for Buying Second-Hand Brooks Brothers Shirts

There are plenty of gently used second-hand Brooks Brothers dress shirts available from online vendors like and Prices are inconsistent. You can often find the same shirts selling for $6.00 or $35.00. Look for shirts in the best condition for the lowest price to get the best value. If you buy shirts in lots (2 or more) you will save on shipping costs and get a better price.

When buying used shirts from online vendors pay attention to symptoms of wear and tear such as broken buttons, worn colors and frayed cuffs. Also, steer clear of any Brooks Brothers shirts that may be stained. I offer more tips on buying thrift shop dress tips in this post.

Brooks Brothers is a top brand to seek when thrift shopping for dress shirts. I would find it hard to justify paying $92.00 for a new dress shirt because I’m cheap … Nevertheless, these are excellent classic dress shirts for those who dress well in the American tradition. Highly recommended! -SplurgeFrugal!