Burberry Double Breasted Blue Blazer (Vintage) Review

I distinctly remember seeing a handsome Burberry double-breasted blue blazer in my entry-level office-cubicle days as a young man in New York City. It was featured in a storefront display at the ritzy Bloomingdale’s flagship dept. store on 59th Street. Of course, it was far beyond my pay grade at that time. So, after a brief reality check, I would head across the street to the more plebian Alexanders Dept. Store to do my shopping. The good old days!

Burberry Blazer Review -Men

Well, I now own that timeless blazer, albeit in vintage form! And what fine form it is! This Burberry blazer has 6×1 gold button double-breasted configuration, canvassed interlining construction, Super 100s wool fabric, and was made in the USA for Bloomingdale’s. According to my research, it was made by the renowned menswear manufacturer Hickey Freeman for Burberry. In fact, it feels quite similar to a beautiful vintage Hickey Freeman Canterbury single-breasted blazer I own. The quality is excellent.

I purchased this blazer on eBay.com for the meager price of $8.00 in excellent condition. Most likely, excessive shoulder padding, (yep, this blazer is from the 80s), made this second-hand jacket difficult to sell, even though it is from a highly regarded luxury brand. However, that was easily corrected. I opened up the lining seam under each shoulder and in less than 10 minutes removed the offending shoulder pads. They appeared to be tacked on to the default padding as an alteration after leaving the factory. When removed, the shoulder line looks more natural and the jacket drapes better.

I consider this handsome blazer one of the most important items in my wardrobe. It is timeless, well made and highly versatile. Plus, it always attracts compliments. Although this blazer is more than thirty years old, it should last at least a decade more with good care. You should find this blazer from time to time for under $30.00 second-hand on eBay in excellent condition. Grab it! It’s a great find the thrift-shopping man who appreciates classic style!

This outfit includes: Silk tie by Stafford, purchased at a local thrift shop for $2.00; Cotton khaki slacks by Croft & Barrow, purchased at a local thrift shop for $1.00, Eagle Shirtmakers cotton dress shirt, purchased on eBay.com for $3.00 and silk pocket square purchased at a local thrift shop for $1.00.