The Dog House Drive In

When you want a tasty cheeseburger and fries or a spicy chile-cheese dog and onion rings, you don’t want a Michelin-starred restaurant, you want the Dog House Drive In in Albuquerque!

Sparky’s Burgers, Hatch, NM

If you want to experience what the renowned New Mexico green chile cheeseburger is all about, this is one of the best places to go. A bit of a drive from Albuquerque, but so worth it!

66 Diner, Albuquerque

66 Diner has a stylish and authentic Route 66 look and feel in every detail, along with classic diner offerings such as mouth-watering burgers, fries and shakes (the shakes are spectacular).

Owl Bar and Cafe, San Antonio

When it comes to New Mexico’s legendary greenchile cheeseburger, this is one of the very best places to experience it. In fact, I fell in love with the green chile cheseburger at Owl Bar and Cafe!