How To Iron A Cotton Shirt

Learning to iron a cotton dress shirt is essential because a perfectly pressed shirt enhances the appearance of a carefully selected suit. Cotton is the ideal material for this, offering unmatched quality for a crisp finish. In my view, the best dress shirts are those made from 100% cotton. They should have long sleeves and … Read more

Clarks Dress Shoes for Men – A Thrifted Review!

clark dress shoes

I recently rediscovered Clarks Dress Shoes (for men) by purchasing a a pair of like-new black leather showroom samples on eBay . This is my second time purchasing Clarks. The first was a pair of casually-styled Clark’s shoes I owned some years ago. That original pair proved to be the most durable and hard-wearing rubber-soled shoes I’ve … Read more

Rockport Dress Shoes Review: Style, Comfort & Value

rockport shoe review

Allow me to submit my qualifications for this Rockport dress shoes (for men) review. I walk a lot. Generally, I cover about twenty-five miles per week on average or more. You might call me a gentleman walker. I never wear sneakers, as my attire is strictly dress casual or better. I require tasteful dress shoes that compliment … Read more

Is Santa Fe ‘Better’ Than Albuquerque? Two of New Mexico’s Gems

santa fe vs albuquerque

Each city brings its unique flavor to New Mexico, offering different experiences. With its larger population, Albuquerque provides a more urban experience coupled with modern amenities, whereas Santa Fe offers a tranquil, historic setting steeped in tradition and culture. Economic factors, lifestyle amenities, and the demographic makeup of these communities also play a critical role … Read more

Are Cheap Chinese Watches Any Good? Bargain or Bust?

chinese watch brands

Curious about the real value behind the incredibly low-priced Chinese watches available online, I embarked on a journey to discover if these budget-friendly options truly offer good value for the frugal shopper. My experiment began with purchasing a $2.00 watch from, a platform known for its direct-from-China merchandise, where men’s and women’s watches can … Read more

How Much Should You Pay For Quality Men’s Suits: From Fabric to Fit:

quality man suits

The law of diminishing returns applies to men’s suits, indicating that spending more doesn’t always equate to proportional increases in quality. For instance, a $5,000 bespoke suit won’t be significantly better than a $500 off-the-rack option. Quality men’s suits can be found in the $500 to $800 range, with potential discounts lowering prices further. Significant … Read more