Daniel Cremieux Suits, Style & Value!

Let me tell how much I like Daniel Cremieux suits. I waited until I had purchased three second-hand Daniel Cremieux suits on eBay before writing this post. I had to be sure I got the suits I wanted at a low price before they captured the attention of style-savvy menswear thrift shoppers!

Daniel Cremieux Men's Suits Review
My Second-Hand Daniel Cremieux Suit Purchased on eBay for $25.00

Daniel Cremieux is a French brand that sells couture quality suits that retail above $1500.00. However, the Daniel Cremieux brand is also licensed by Dillard’s, who sells a line of branded suits and sportcoats under this label in their department stores nationwide that retail for around $800.00. These suits are made in the USA. All three of the suits I own (formerly sold at Dillard’s) have the union “Made in the USA” label, possibly manufactured at the Hickey Freeman factories in Rochester, NY.

A major feature of this line (as sold in Dillard’s)  is that the fabric is made by Loro Piana Mills in Italy. This is one of the most respected wool and cashmere fabric mills in the world. Their fabrics are used by high-end ready-to-wear manufacturers and bespoke tailors. The quality of the fabric in the suits I purchased is outstanding. The touch of luxury in both the softness and finish of the fabrics makes these suits stand out as something very special.

The “Made in the USA” Daniel Cremieux suits I have purchased have half-canvas interlining construction and appear to be very similar in construction (but a different cut) to the Hickey Freeman suits in my closet. The lining appears to be a Bemberg Rayon (it is not specified on the tag in the jacket).

Men's Suits Daniel Cremieux Dillard's
Daniel Cremieux for Dillard’s Suit Purchased Second-Hand on eBay for $24.00

Secondly, the tasteful styling of the Daniel Cremieux for Dillard’s suits I own is exceptional. Although the three button suit shown above is more than two decades old, it does not have the exaggerated shoulder padding and relaxed silhouette that was all the rage at that time. The styling is modest but stylish, and the waist suppression gives it a contemporary feel.

This line of suits is cut a bit slimmer than most made for the American market and favors the trim physique. If you like the look of high-end Italian suits, then you may find the Daniel Cremieux line by Dilliard an irresistible value.

A Daniel Cremieux Hopsack Blue Blazer
Daniel Cremieux Hopsack Blue Blazer Purchased on eBay for $23.00 (Second-Hand).

On eBay, second-hand Daniel Cremieux suits may sell for $75-$100. For the line of suits sold in Dillards that is too high. Online vendors tend to confuse the suits made in France that retail for over $1600.00 with the suits made in USA and sold by Dilliard’s that generally sell for $500.00. Don’t overpay! I resist paying more than $50.00 for a Dillards label suit second-hand.  You can often find better prices during the summer months when second-hand suits are selling more slowly.

The Dillard’s line of Daniel Cremieux of suits and sportcoats offers high-end quality at a bargain price and is a worthy brand to seek out when thrift shopping for menswear.