Dockers Cotton Blend Dress Shirt Review

Dockers Cotton Blend Dress Shirt Review

The Dockers brand is perhaps best known for its popular line of cotton and cotton blend khaki and chinos pants for men. At any given time, I will have at least two pairs of Dockers khaki slacks in my wardrobe. They’re versatile, fit well and are durable. However, they also market a line of dress shirts that are sold in many major department stores and on I recently purchased a ‘new with tags’ Dockers Cotton Blend Dress Shirt (60/40 cotton, polyester blend) in a classic blue striped pattern. Normally, I stick to 100% cotton dress shirts, but at a price of only .99 cents at my local Savers Thrift Shop, this unworn second-hand Dockers shirt was too much of a bargain to pass up. Here is my review:

This Dockers dress shirt is not going to hold up as well as better made dress shirts over time …

This Dockers Cotton Blend Dress Shirt had one strike against it the moment I put it on. It has been years since I’ve worn a cotton/polyester blend dress shirt, and for good reason. It never feels as soft on the skin as pure cotton. Also, this shirt’s fabric feels flimsy. There is no interlining in the front placket behind the buttons. This is something you expect in all well-made dress shirts. A fused-fabric interlining strengthens the high-stress area where the front buttons are located making it less susceptible to wear and tear over time. Without that interlining, this Dockers dress shirt is not going to hold up as well as better made shirts over time. Also, the interfacing in the collar and cuff area is very thin, creating the impression that this is not a high-quality garment.

Finally, this shirt has a shorter length than most dress shirts in the same size range (by two inches or so), making it less likely to stay neatly tucked in.

Nevertheless, when you’re standing a few feet away, the shirt looks presentable, provided the wearer has on an undershirt to mask the sheerness of the fabric.

The Dockers line of dress shirts appears to be marketed to young men who favor fast-fashion and have little experience with better-quality menswear. If you appreciate better-quality classic menswear, you may not find much to like in this brand of dress shirts.

When new, these shirts sell for $24.00 to $27.00. In this price range, you can find better-made dress shirts, such as the excellent Stafford brand dress shirts sold by JCPenney. While the Dockers brand of khaki and chino pants offer good value, I cannot say the same about their dress shirts. -SplurgeFrugal

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