Dollar Tree Men’s Socks – Style & Quality for Less!

Dollar Tree Men's Socks - Style & Quality for Less!

What do you typically pay for a pair of quality men’s dress socks? About $3.00 per pair right? Well, what if you could find quality dress socks in a variety of colors and patterns (cotton/polyester blends) that would normally cost about $3 per pair for only $1.00 per pair? Well, now you can!

Dollar Tree, where the fashion-minded frugal menswear shopper goes for socks!

I discovered the range of men’s socks offered at my local Dollar Tree store (everything in the store is sold for $1.00)  for only $1.00 per pair. They offer a range of colors and patterns that will appeal to even the most style-conscious man. What about the quality? Pretty much the same as you will find for about $3 per pair at most stores.

In the photo above, I am sporting a pair of my favorite argyle socks (great with khakis) purchased from my local Dollar Tree store (they can also be purchased online in lots). They are a stylish, long-wearing blend of 78% cotton/22% polyester and hold up well to repeated washings. These socks are slightly below mid-calf in length and fit snugly without sagging. For the price, they offer unbeatable value. They are the perfect compliment to my thrifted suits, sportscoats, and slacks.

I love to pay less for my clothing, but never at the sacrifice of style and quality. This is a frugal find worth splurging on. Be sure to sign up for more of my frugal menswear adventures and finds in future posts!