Dollar Tree Socks Review (For Men)!

What do you typically pay for a pair of men’s dress socks? About $3.00 or more per pair right? Well, what if you could find quality men’s dress socks in a variety of colors and patterns for only $1.00 per pair? In this post I review Dollar Tree Socks for men ($1.00 per pair) that come in a variety of colors and patterns.

I discovered the range of men’s socks offered at my local Dollar Tree store (everything in the store is sold for $1.00)  over a year ago. They come in a range of colors and patterns that will appeal to even the most style-conscious man. The quality is similar to what you will find for about $3.oo to $4.00 per pair at most stores.

The socks featured in the photo above are made from a 98% polyester, 2% spandex blend. I wear and launder my Dollar Tree socks on a weekly basis. Older pairs of my Dollar Tree socks of this type that have lasted for over a year without fading or developing holes, They have also maintained their elasticity. Polyester is known for excellent durability and color retention when used for socks (more durable than cotton).

In the photo below, I am sporting a pair of my favorite argyle socks (great with khakis) purchased from my local Dollar Tree store. They are a stylish, long-wearing blend of 78% cotton/22% polyester and hold up well to repeated washings. These socks are slightly below mid-calf in length and fit snugly without sagging. For the price, they offer unbeatable value.

Dollar Tree $1.00 Men's Socks
Dollar Tree Socks Review

I love to pay less for my clothing, but never at the sacrifice of style and quality. Dollar Tree socks offer excellent value. Plus, you can buy three pairs for the price most retail stores would charge for one pair. A great buy for frugal shoppers!