Duck on Blue Waters

How I Shot “Duck on Blue Waters”

While most of my photography takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I captured some of my finest photos of ducks in Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona. During the winter months, the sun sits lower in the sky and creates softer afternoon and evening light that is ideal for this type of photo. The fishing lagoons in Papago Park are home to local ducks and is a popular spot for migrating ducks in the winter.

Duck on Blue Waters

It’s All About The Light

For this photo, I was, purely by chance, in the right place at the right time.  The sun was very low in the sky, casting a warm glow on the fishing lagoon, and creating this intense shade of blue in the water. A beam of light, shaped by an opening in the marshes, created a spotlight effect on this white duck and a series of subtle reflections.  This was easy. Aim camera, focus, and shoot. Got the shot!

This photo emphasizes how vitally important light is to photography. This scene, in stronger daylight, would not be nearly as interesting. Also, the camera really did not matter here. I used a Sony Alpha A200 DSLR mated to a 40-year-old Takumar (by Pentax) 200mm M42 mount lens (with M42 adapter). Not the newest photography equipment, nor the best rated. But it didn’t need to be. The light made this photo. -SplurgeFrugal