eBay Buying Tips: Men’s Suits & Sport Coats Deals!

eBay listings for men’s suits and sport coats have shown a sharp uptick in prices over the past year. Generally, you will be paying $60.00 or more for recognized quality second-hand suit and sport coat brands. Luxury second-hand brands such as Canali will go for much higher prices. However, with some basic online sleuthing skills, you can find low-priced bargains on top-quality second-hand suits and sport coats. Here’s an example:

I recently purchased this beautiful half-canvas construction, Super 120’s wool, 100% Cupro Bemberg lined, 2-button Italian made suit (shown above) in like-new condition for only $14.88 (it was $11.88 after applying an eBay coupon). plus $13.00 shipping. Brand new, this suit would retail for $700 or more.

men's suit listing eBay

How to Find Exceptional Bargains

How did I find such a bargain? The image above shows the two photos of this suit presented in the eBay listing. Beyond the measurements and size, the only description given for the suit is “Nice clean suit, ready to wear.” It had a “Buy It Now’ price of only $14.88. What convinced me that this suit was underpriced and worth buying?

To start with, I could find no information on the brand name on the suit label. I had never heard of Pavone, and a Google search turned up no information other than a couple of suits with the same label sold on eBay. However, I could discern from the blurry photos that it was made of quality fabric. Also, suits that are imported from Italy are generally of good quality. However, I needed more information to convince me that this suit was much nicer than its poor quality photos and listing suggested.

The clue to the true value of this suit is found in the fabric description on the tag sticking out of the pocket in the second photo. Although blurred, I could discern that the lining is made of 100% Cupro Bemberg. That clue convinced me that I had something special! I clicked on the “Buy It Now” button and purchased this suit, confident I had an amazing bargain. Why was I so certain that this was a great suit?

From my online research, I knew that Cupro Bemberg is the highest quality lining fabric used in suit manufacturing. You will always find it in the highest quality ‘off-the-rack’ suit brands. It is also used by bespoke tailors. Therefore, it is safe to assume that a suit with a Cupro Bemberg lining is well made. I was confident that this was a high-quality suit for that reason alone. Needless to say, my rationale was correct. I was absolutely delighted when the suit arrived.

Can you find similar eBay deals on men’s suits and sport coats? Yes! It takes a bit of patience and the willingness to do research and look beyond poor descriptions, blurry photos, and unusually low prices. Look for tell-tale signs that the item is well made. Be a good men’s wear ‘detective’ and you will locate amazing deals on men’s suits and sport coats!