El Modelo Mexican Foods

El Modelo, Albuquerque

El Modelo Mexican Foods, real food for the price of fast food…

Don’t judge a book by its cover… that idiom applies to restaurants in Albuquerque as well. To the untrained eye, many of the tastiest dining bargains in New Mexican food don’t look very impressive from the outside. El Modelo Mexican Foods at 1715 Second Street SW near downtown is a good example. It’s been feeding Albuquerque locals since 1929, and not much about this place has changed since then. The building may look a bit dated and worn, but we’re here for the food, right?

El Modelo Mexican Food

You should be here for the food! This is the perfect place for some on-the-go Mexican takeout. The meals are tasty, the portions are huge, and the price is right. This is the sort of place that local office clerks, lawyers, construction workers, bus drivers… you name it, they are all found waiting in line come lunchtime. They don’t want fussy or overpriced. They just want great food that’s familiar, filling and tasty and cheap. El Modelo delivers!

El Modelo

Although El Modelo Mexican Foods officially serves Mexican (not New Mexican) food, it has merged classics from both cultures on its menu. The tamales and enchiladas are served with red or green chile. The stuffed sopapillas are a personal favorite and make great driving food (one hand on the steering wheel, the other holding a stuffed sopapilla).


If you want a tasty, filling meal for well under ten bucks including a soft drink, skip the local McDonalds. You can find real food in Albuquerque for the same price. Go where the locals have been going since 1929, El Modelo.

Travel and Leisure magazine voted El Modelo one of the top 32 Mexican restaurants in the United States. As I said, don’t judge a book by its cover!

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