My Favorite Santa Fe Photo

My Favorite Santa Fe, New Mexico Photo

If I had to choose a single photo that says ‘Santa Fe’ to me, this would be it. This photo shows a home just off of Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It symbolizes how the traditional ‘Pueblo Style’ architecture that dominates Santa Fe’s aesthetic compliments and is complemented by its natural environs.

In most American cities, nature is flattened and subjugated by architecture. In Santa Fe, there is a beautiful symbiosis of the two. The earthen tones and textures of Santa Fe are married perfectly to its natural setting. Of course, the true credit for this goes to the early indigenous┬áNative American peoples who made this area their home. Their ancient Adobe homes provide the inspiration for today’s’ Santa Fe. Some things just get better with time!

I shot this photo two years ago during one of my walking tours of Santa Fe. Canyon Road, famed for its art galleries is a street I often explore for photographic inspiration. This was photographed on an overcast day. The absence of deep shadow and glare allows the beautiful colors of this setting to fully emerge. Canyon Road is a great place to start your exploration of Santa Fe, New Mexico!

My Favorite photo of Santa Fe, New Mexico

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