Bosque del Apache Festival of the Cranes Updates – 2021

Due to uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the Executive Board of Friends of Bosque del Apache has made the very difficult decision to cancel the Festival of the Cranes for 2021.

However, there are virtual events (online) planned by Friends of Bosque del Apache that include live online coverage and webinars. For more information visit the Friends of Bosque del Apache 2021 Crane Fiesta web page. Also, the Bosque del Apache is allowing visits for the 2021 winter season with some restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For up-to-date information and alerts, visit the Bosque del Apache website.

Festival of the Cranes - Bosque del Apache

What’s it like to see the sandhill cranes at Bosque del Apache Wildlife refuge?

Festival of the Cranes

Imagine a crisp New Mexico early winter morning. Rich magenta and blue colors of sunrise have just started to peek over the horizon. The unmistakable cry of sandhill cranes sends an invisible ripple through the air and quickly gains amplitude. Suddenly, like a smoothly coordinated army, Sandhill Cranes, in the thousands, take flight en masse. The sky overhead is quickly filled with a cloud of Sandhills, the beating of their wings creating a sound wave that is both heard and felt. Unforgettable!

Festival of the Cranes, Bosque del Apache, photo 2

The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in Socorro, New Mexico is home to the Festival of the Cranes every November, a photogenic spectacle that must be seen. It’s the perfect day trip from Albuquerque.

The Festival of the Cranes is one of the highlights of fall season in New Mexico, and is a must-see day trip from Albuquerque!

Not only are the migrating Sandhill Cranes putting on a wonderful show every winter, but more than 370 species of birds take advantage of the riparian forests and wetlands of this beautiful refuge. Mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and fish add an additional 160 or so wildlife species that can be observed at various times of the year in this diverse setting.

Festival of the Cranes, New Mexico

Come November, the Festival of the Cranes makes this a top day trip for anyone visiting Albuquerque. Indeed, it is reason enough to put a trip to Albuquerque on your itinerary. I highly recommend this as one of the most unforgettable day trips from Albuquerque!

By the way, this also gives you a good reason to sample a local cafe just outside of the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge known for making some of the best green chile cheeseburgers in the world! The Owl Bar and Cafe (check out this review).

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