Free Photo of the Day – Summer Wildflowers

These beautiful summer wildflowers were photographed in front of one of the oldest churches in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. The colors are sumptuous! In a city like Santa Fe, known for its art galleries, its a reminder that the greatest artworks are those provided by our Creator.

Summer Wildflowers
Summer Wildflowers, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Camera: I shot this photo with a Canon Rebel XTi (purchased used on eBay for $50.00), and a classic Tamron 35-135mm F:3.5-4.2 BBAR Adaptall 2 lens (purchased used on eBay for $19.00). This lens has a Pentax K-mount so I purchased an adapter ($8.00 on eBay) to mount it to my Canon body. If you purchase a Pentax K-mount to Canon EF lens mount adapter, be sure to get one with the focus confirmation chip. It helps out when focusing quite a bit. This is a frugal photographer’s camera kit that gets great results! This photo was shot at the widest aperture (F:3.5).

Summer Wildflowers - Free Fine Art Photo

This “Summer Wildflowers” photo is available as a free high-resolution download suitable for printing and framing (for personal use only). It is free for personal and commercial use under the Creative Commons license linked below. Click on the download button below. If you do use it online, I would greatly appreciate a link and credit. Enjoy!

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