Giovanni’s Pizza

I know what you want. You want your pizza New York style, and you’re not ashamed to say it.

You want to walk into a pizzeria where they always have slices ready to go, just like in New York. You want your essential condiments, your oregano, grated Parmesan, dried red chili pepper and garlic powder waiting on the counter. And, you don’t want to pay fancy restaurant prices for it.

Giovanni’s in Albuquerque is an Italian pizzeria much like the local neighborhood pizzerias I remember in NYC. Nothing fancy, just great pizza.

Giovanni's Pizza, Albuquerque, New Mexico

You could buy a couple of slices with pepperoni and sausage and a Coke on the side. You chomp it down in ten minutes, and you’re on your way. Or, you could come after work with your friends, grab a booth, order a pizza for the table, a couple of meatball heroes, and a round of sodas. It was always good, never fussy or fancy.

Giovanni's Pizza, Albuquerque Photo 3

Giovanni’s will top your pizza with green chile if you like, After all, this is Albuquerque. But if you come in with a New ‘Yawk’ accent they will know what you want too. If you grew up eating pizza in New Jersey, Brooklyn, New York City, Queens, Long Island … Giovanni’s will be the closest thing to a trip back home. This is great pizza, and one of my favorites in Albuquerque.

Giovanni’s Pizza

921 San Pedro Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108
Phone: (505) 255-1233