Holy Cow Burgers, Albuquerque

Holy Cow Burgers, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Holy Cow, simply one of Albuquerque’s best burger joints. ‘Nuff said…

Best Good & Cheap Restaurants in AlbuquerqueFor a southwestern city far from the maddening crowd, Albuquerque does not need to apologize in any way for its local pizza or burger eateries. One would assume that the best place to find a premium burger is in a big city like Chicago or New York. However, local ABQ eateries like Holy Cow Burgers show that a world-class burger can exist in more modest locales.

One of the secrets of a great burger in New Mexico is locally sourced beef. This is beef country, and you can readily discern that in the taste and freshness of the locally sourced grass-fed beef served at Holy Cow Burgers. These are premium burgers, something that the smart decor of this EDO (East of Downtown) eatery will quickly remind you.

Holy Cow Burgers, Albuquerque, Review

The hamburgers are served with caramelized onions, pecan-wood-smoked bacon, homemade roasted green chile, or other delectable toppings. Topped with a brioche bun, with a side of sweet potato fries and a Guinness milkshake (delicious), this in no way resembles your pedestrian fast food burger. The burgers are juicy on the inside with a nice char on the outside, and the potato fries are cooked to perfection. Did I mention that the Guinness shake is something special? Good stuff!

Something I am eager to try is the beer battered fish and chips just added to the menu. In the meantime, Holy Cow Burgers remains on my short list of top burger joints in Albuquerque.

Update: I had the fish and chips!

Holy Cow, Fish & Chips, Albuquerque

I am a fish lover. I can go years without eating a steak and frankly, feel no regrets. But life without fish, that’s just not good. I was in the mood for a good piece of fish when I last stopped into Holy Cow. They serve a British style traditional flaky white fish deep-fried in a thin, crispy beer batter served on a bed of fries. The fish was excellent. Flaky, perfectly cooked, with a thin crispy batter that stayed crisp even when inundated with tartar sauce and malt vinegar. The tartar sauce and vinegar gave the fish the perfect tang. If you need a fish fix, this is some of the best I’ve had in Albuquerque. The portions of fish (as you can see) were very generous.

If there was one letdown, it was the fries. I would have much-preferred steak fries as a better balance for the bold simple flavors of fish and tarter. The shoestring style fries seemed a bit lost on the plate, feeling more like a garnish rather than a side dish. Give me some beefy steak fries that can hold their own! Perhaps Holy Cow will offer that as an option. I sure will ask the next time.

Of course, I had the Guinness milkshake. Just wonderful, with a grownup sweetness. Highly recommended. If you are in the mood for fish and chips, this is a great choice. Just check to see if they have steak fries!

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