Home DIY Projects While Sheltering-In-Place

Home DIY Projects

Sheltering-in-place . . .  I’ve got time on my hands . . . There’s no better opportunity to look around my place and do a few frugal home DIY decor upgrades. After all, I’ll be staring at these four walls a lot until the Covid-19 pandemic fades into the sunset . . . Here’s a couple of the thing’s I’ve done so far:

My DIY Living Room Project

I felt that it was time to bring more teal into my life. Teal adds a splash of color to the neutral beige and tan colors that dominate my living room. Ever the frugalist, I looked for ways to add teal accents to my decor without spending much money. I was using teal curtains and throw pillows as the main color accents, but more was needed. A few frugal purchases from the dollar store and Walmart and a bit of DIY did the trick!

Home DIY Projects
Everything on this coffee table is a DIY project!

First, I purchased a few glass vases from my local Dollar Tree for the princely sum of $1.00 each. Inspired by DIY YouTube videos, the plan was to paint these vases to coordinate with my decor.  I purchased inexpensive Apple Barrel craft matte acrylic paint at Walmart (only .50 cents each) along with a few cheap brushes (Dollar Tree, 2 for $1.00). As seen in the photo above, the painted vases became coffee table knick-knacks. The subtle textured finish seen on the vases is done by adding a few teaspoons of baking soda to the paint before painting.

But wait, there’s more!

The tray the vases are sitting on is also a Dollar Tree purchase ($1.00). It is a brown plastic tray that has been refreshed with the same teal Apple Barrel Matte Craft Paint used for the glass vases.

To continue my adventures in teal, I purchased a roll of teal gift wrap from Dollar Tree for $1.00 and used it to to make book covers. The teal and gold picture frame was also purchased for $1.00 from Dollar Tree (the photo is mine). The most expensive item on the coffee table is the teal tin vase holding the flower arrangement. That was purchased from Walmart for $8.00. The assorted dried and artificial flowers in the vase are all from Dollar Tree (about $6.00 worth). The end result is a collection of decorative accents that are tightly color-coordinated with my overall decor. That’s easy to do if you’re painting everything your exact colors of choice!

You can find a how-to guide for every DIY project imaginable in a YouTube video!

Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic Paint
Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic Paint purchased for .50 cents each at Walmart.

DIY Home Project

The flower arrangement is also carefully color-coordinated with my other decor accents. These dried and artificial flowers are purchased from Dollar Tree (all the flowers used here cost a total of $6.00). I got a quick lesson in flower arranging by watching YouTube videos!

DIY Home Decor - The End Result
My DIY home decor – the end result.

My DIY Dining Room Project

Frugal DIY Home Project - Vases
My DIY dining table centerpiece

I wanted to carry that glass vase DIY theme to my dining table as well. So, I purchased three more glass vases (1.00 each, Dollar Tree) and painted them in colors that coordinate both with my table cover and the overall color palette in my apartment. By adding baking soda to the acrylic paint colors used, subtle texture and depth were created. The hanging light fixture seen here was originally clear glass. I decided to give it a pop of color by painting it as well (Tuscan Red by Apple Barrel mixed with baking soda for texture). It gives the glass fixture the look of an earthen ware clay pot that coordinates well with the painted glass vases.

dollar store DIY projects
Two more vases painted during this DIY project!

A little bit of frugal creativity goes a long way! The price of one glass vase of similar size from home decor retailer Pottery Barn starts at $35.00. I paid less than that for eight glass vases, dried & artificial flowers, paint, and brushes. Also, I was not limited to the range of colors offered by any retailer.  Plus, the DIY process is a good workout for our creative skills!

DIY Paint Brush

Try it yourself! Nowadays, one of the first questions I ask myself before any purchase is: Can I make that? Most often, someone already has and gives the DIY directions in a Youtube video. A few inexpensive craft items combined with a bit of knowledge gleaned from Youtube can go a long way! -SplurgeFrugal!

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