How Long Should A Suit Last?

How Long Should A Suit Last?

I raise this question as someone who has purchased second-hand men’s suits, sportcoats, and slacks for over thirty years. My entire tailored wardrobe is comprised of used garments purchased at local thrift shops or online. Generally, the suits I purchase can, in some cases, be ten years old or more. I may wear them over a period of five years or more without any evidence of wear or tear marring their appearance.

Most of the suits and sportcoats I purchase come from well-respected brands such as Hickey Freeman, Brooks Brothers, and others that are favored by businessmen. Generally, I rarely wear out a suit. It is far more likely that I become bored with it or it no longer fits. I recently retired a blue blazer that was worn repeatedly over a period of twenty-five years. It had not worn out. It had only become old-fashioned.

How Long Should Suits and Sportcoats Last?

That led me to ask if the longevity of a suit as a measure of quality is nearly as important as some would claim. My experience is that we become bored with our clothing long before it wears out.

Most likely, you will become bored with a suit long before it wears out…

How Long Should A Suit Last?

The veteran men’s wear designer, Alan Flusser, stated in his book Style & The Man that “most suits are constructed to provide at least several years of wear.” That’s true whether the suit costs $500.00 or $2000.00. In fact, he considers the fashion longevity of a suit more relevant to its lifespan than its construction. In essence, our taste in clothing will change before our suits wear out.

Spending more does not mean your suit will last longer. In fact, the details that often define high-priced luxury suits, such as surgeon cuffs, hand-sewn pick stitching, and exotic fabrics add nothing to a suits longevity. You can find well-made, durable suits by careful shopping without paying for luxury brands.

How to Make Your Suit Last Longer

There are two factors that will impact the longevity of all suits and sportscoats; how often they are worn and how well they are cared for. The more suits you own (and wear in rotation) the longer they will last. If you care well for them (i.e. brushing after each wearing, dry cleaning only when needed, using proper hangers, etc.) you can greatly extend the life of all suits, sportcoats, and other tailored clothing. All suits, no matter the initial cost, will last longer this way.

How to make men's suits last longer

This is why I am such an avid thrift shopper. By means of thrift shopping, I can acquire a collection of gently used quality suits and sportcoats at low cost that will give me years of good service. I wear them in rotation to minimize wear on any one suit and take care of them. As long as the suit meets a reasonable standard of quality (most suits in the $500 range will do so) it serves my needs beautifully for as long as I require.

If this post has made you curious about thrift shopping for better quality men’s suits, great! Check out my guide to buying used suits online and you will begin to dress better while saving money. -SplurgeFrugal