How To Thrift Shop for Sport Coats

How to thrift shop for men's sport coats

Before you delve into this guide, be sure to check out my guide to buying used suits online for buying tips that apply both to suits and sport coats. By the way, the sharp wool & cashmere sport coat shown above cost me only $11.00 second-hand on eBay. So, how do you thrift shop for sport coats and where?

Thrift Shopping for Sport Coats
An Italian Mattarazi Uomo Sport Coat purchased on for $8.00

How to Identify A True Sportscoat

A sport coat is not a suit jacket. As the name suggests, it is intended to be ‘sportier’ or more casual, less formal than a suit. It is designed to be worn for more ‘sporting’ occasions with slacks in a complementary color. For that reason, sport coats generally come in a wider range of colors and patterns than suits. Also, they tend to have bolder patterns and textures.

A second-hand orphaned suit jacket is not a true sport coat…

ow to Thrift Shop for Sport Coats

When buying used sport coats keep this one caution in mind: An orphan suit jacket is not a sport coat. Typically, when shopping for second-hand sport coats in thrift shops or online you will come across loads of suit jackets without matching slacks offered for sale as ‘sport coats.’ They are not sport coats and will generally look like an orphaned suit jacket with mismatched pants when you wear them (with the exception of dark blue suit jackets that can pass as blazers). And no my friends, there is no such thing as a pinstriped sport coat although you will often see them for sale on eBay.

suit label
Note The Size: This Is a Suit Jacket Not a Sport Coat

How can you tell for sure that what you’re looking at is a genuine sport coat and not a suit jacket? Look at the label located in the inner pocket of the jacket. If you see both a jacket and waist size listed such as 40R/W32 or 42L/W36, that is a sure sign that you have a suit jacket. It is giving you the waist size (W) of the matching slacks. A true sport coat will only have a jacket size such as 40R or 42L listed on the label. The only exception to this is when suits are sold as separates. Generally, the more conservative color and texture of the fabric is a dead giveaway that you are looking at a suit jacket.

Thrift Shopping for Menswear - Tips and Finds
Daniel Cremieux Blazer Purchased for $21.00 on eBay

A true classic blue blazer will nearly always have contrasting color or metal buttons. I have at times given a blue suit jacket a new life as a blazer simply by replacing the dark colored suit buttons for more colorful blazer buttons.

Where to Buy Used Sport Coats

The best place to find the widest selection of used sport coats is on eBay. You can shop from your device or computer and have an amazing range of colors and styles at your fingertips. Generally, I find it more difficult to locate better quality sport coats at my local thrift shops. Many sellers (including thrift shops) now list their better second-hand clothing on eBay or other online merchants.

Let the buyer beware: Many of the sport coats listed on eBay are really orphaned suit jackets. For that reason, you need to have a discerning eye. Look at the label if it is posted in the ad to see if it has a waist size listed next to the jacket size as discussed earlier in this post. Also, since sport coats are inherently ‘sportier’ than suits, you can generally tell by the stronger patterns, brighter colors or more distinct textures that what is offered for sale is a true sportcoat.

Linen Sport Coat
Custom Made Linen Sport Coat Purchased on eBay for $16.00

While suits generally have more conservative colors and fabrics, look for bolder colors and fabrics when buying sport coats. Linens, tweeds, silk and other distinctive fabrics are often used for sport coats in bolder colors and textures. Seek out menswear brands that are known for quality – see my article listing recommended suit brands. The best suit manufacturers also make the best sport coats.

Thrift Shop Sport Coat
Gianfranco Ruffini Wool Tan Herringbone Sport Coat Purchased for $16.00 on eBay.

You can find an excellent range of gently used second-hand sport coats online for well under $50.00 that would retail when new for $400.00 and higher. Each of the sport coats featured on this page cost me less than $30.00 second-hand on eBay in excellent condition. I hope this guide helps you to find some great used sport coats to add to your wardrobe at bargain prices!

Fall & Winter Sport Coats – Thrift Finds

Here are some of my favorite fall and winter sport coats acquired in thrift shops or by shopping online. You can find similar deals, especially on eBay and Poshmark.

Fall & Winter Sport Coats - Thrift Shopping

This is not really a sport coat, it is the jacket to a stylish double-breasted wool suit by Bachrach. I purchased the used suit at Savers Thrift Shop for $12.00 and discovered that the pants could not be altered properly to fit me. Not a problem! The jacket can stand on its own as a sport coat. The chalk-striped pattern works well with a pair of white slacks in a combination reminiscent of the 1930s. The washable polyester pants were also purchased at Savers Thrift for $3.00.  It makes a great outfit for the fall.

Sport Coat

This sport coat purchased second-hand on eBay for $24.00 has a beautiful silk-wool combination fabric that has a luxurious sheen and feel for fall and winter dress. As a result, it feels ‘dressier’ than an all-wool tweed sportscoat. Silk and wool blend fabrics generally have brighter colors and a softer hand due to the characteristics of silk and are worth seeking out when thrift-shopping for sport coats.

Wool Fall & Winter Sport Coats - Thrift Shopping

If you are thrift-shopping and come across a suit or sport coat with a label that has the words “Lanificio Di Pray” or “Loro Piana,” somewhere on the lining, you’ve found something special. You can be sure it is a top-quality garment as these are two of Italy’s finest luxury fabric mills. Their fabrics are used only by better menswear manufacturers and bespoke tailors.

Lanificio Di Pray Fabrics

The sport coat above, by Baroni Couture, uses Lanificio Di Pray silk and wool fabric and would retail for $600 if new. I purchased this beautifully tailored garment in like-new condition for the rock-bottom price of $6.00 (yes, $6.00) on Poshmark. Learning to research and identify better menswear labels can help you to discover hidden gems when thrift shopping! This is the cheapest sport coat I have ever purchased and one of the finest!

Thrift Shop Sport Coat
Silk & Cashmere Sport Coat Purchased Second-hand on eBay for $36.00

What is more luxurious for the fall and winter than a cashmere and silk sport coat in a beautiful windowpane pattern? This is one of my top thrifting finds of the year (only $36.00 on eBay). I go into detail about all of the virtues of this handsome sport coat in this post. It was a bit more than I usually pay for a sport coat but so worth it!

Silk & Wool Sport Coat - eBay $12.00
A Silk & Wool Sport Coat Purchased on eBay for $12.00

All of the second-hand sport coats shown here cost less in total than I would pay for one sport coat in a better menswear store. You can find similar bargains! I hope this article inspires you to thrift shop online and locally for low-cost, high-quality sport coats! By the way, be sure to check out my thrift shopping tips for casual men’s clothing!

Second-Hand Maestrelli Sport Coat
Second-Hand Maestrelli Sport Coat Purchased for $21.00 on eBay.

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