How To Thrift Shop for Men’s Ties

You can never have too many ties! If your wardrobe contains a growing collection of suits and sportcoats, you should have a wide selection of ties on hand. Nowadays, a quality silk tie starts in the $20.00 price range and can easily cost upwards of $50.00. If you thrift shop for man’s ties you eliminate most of that expense. Here are some strategies for finding quality silk ties for a tiny fraction of their new retail price.

Shopping for Ties in Local Thrift Shops

Nearly all thrift shops have an extensive second-hand tie selection. In this age of business casual, ties are not a fast-moving item in most thrift stores. Local thrift stores can be a great option provided they have the style and colors you want. Look for silk ties with no stains, no loose stitches, and in excellent condition. Check for fraying on the edges and wear.

Generally, most thrift shops currently sell second-hand ties for $3.00 to $5.00. However, many have a half-price day once a week. Ask if there is a day of the week when you qualify for a discount. If you visit two or three thrift shops in a day you will find plenty of choices to fit your preferences. I┬áhave a thrift shop near me that reduces the price of second-hand ties to $1.00 every Thursday. That’s when I shop for ties!

Thrift Shopping for Ties

Shopping for Second-Hand Ties Online

Second-hand ties that are sold on eBay and other online marketplaces tend to be more expensive. Typically, they sell for $6.00 and up when purchased individually. Shipping charges can easily double the price of a single tie. For this reason, you will get much more for your money by purchasing ties in lots when shopping online. I recently purchased six silk ties in a lot for $15.00 including shipping on eBay.

If you search for ‘men’s ties lot’ or ‘men’s ties bundle’ on eBay or you will find a wide selection of bundled tie lots for sale. Sometimes the tie lots are bundled by pattern or color. Even if the lot contains a tie or two that you don’t care for, the other ties may still be cheaper as a lot than if purchased separately. Some great deals can be found this way.

Thrift shopping is a great way to quickly grow your collection of ties without burning a hole in your wallet. Look sharp for less! -Don P. SplurgeFrugal