Is The Golden Age of Menswear Thrift Shopping About to End?

What happens when hordes of abandoned skinny suits start to invade the thrift shop and online market? Why this is the ideal time to build a wardrobe by thrift-shopping!

Ralph Lauren Silk/Wool Tweed Sportscoat Purchased for $6.00 at Goodwill Thrift Shop

This is a great time to be thrift-shopping for men’s suits, sportcoats, and other tailored clothing. Currently, there is a wide range of timeless, tasteful tailored clothing in the second-hand market that you can wear with confidence for years into the future. However, the second-hand menswear market may not be as good as it is right now for much longer. Let me explain.

Warning: The invasion of the second-hand skinny suits is coming to a thrift shop near you…

For the past decade, the skinny suit fad has dominated tailored men’s wear. Suits have been over-tailored to accentuate every muscle of the male physique. Men have been hypnotized into buying suits that look like they were borrowed from adolescence. The jackets are tailored too tight and too short with stretch marks coming from every button. The pants look like they were shrunk in a washing machine. Will this fad ever come to an end?

Skinny Suit
The Skinny Suit Fad Is Nearing Its’ End…

It appears that the answer is yes. The menswear industry is now talking about the next big thing in menswear… big suits. Voluminous suit jackets and full cut slacks are now on designer runways. Before long, we will start to see them at retailers.

So, what does all of this mean for the thrift-shopping, style-conscious menswear shopper? We can safely assume that many of those undersized suits that men have been wearing for the past decade will land on eBay and in local thrift shops. The second-hand menswear market will soon be polluted with hordes of orphaned skinny suits. Aaaargh!

Here’s the problem: When shopping online, it can be very difficult to tell if a suit has modest tailoring or is skinny cut. I recently purchased a well-made second-hand suit on eBay that appeared to be my size only to discover that it was a modern skinny cut that was, for my purposes, unwearable. Soon, no one will want to be seen in a skinny suit. As they flood the used menswear market homeless skinny suits will become harder to avoid.

The solution? Start building your collection of second-hand and vintage classic menswear now, before the invasion of the skinny suits. The good taste you save may be your own!

Sportscoat - Timeless Style
A sportscoat that will still look stylish long after the skinny suit fad has passed

I am wearing a cashmere & silk windowpane pattern sportscoat by Peerless (purchased second-hand on eBay for $36.00) with a cotton shirt and Ralph Lauren silk tie (purchased for $1.00 per item at a local thrift shop).

Thrift Shopping - Lauren Sportscoat

I am wearing a Lauren tan houndstooth wool sportscoat purchased from Goodwill Thrift for $6.00 along with wool slacks ($4.00 Goodwill), button-down pastel blue cotton shirt ($1.00 local thrift shop) and silk tie ($1.00 local thrift shop).