Lowrider Day, Santa Fe Plaza

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Lowriders are as much a part of northern New Mexico culture as red and green chile. While EspaƱola is considered the unofficial lowrider capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe shares the limelight in showcasing these rolling works of art. Here are a few more of my photo from Lowrider Day on May 22nd:

Lowrider, Santa Fe Plaza, May 22, 2016

Lowrider, Santa Fe Plaza, Lowrider Day

For the photography buffs, here is the equipment used for these shots: Canon 20D DSLR camera (oldie but a goodie), Kiron 80-200mm F4.5 Macro lens (manual focus). This lens is 40 years old and a personal favorite for bright sunlight. It gives my images an enhanced micro-contrast that works well in these car photos.

Lowrider, Santa Fe Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Lowriders, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Lowrider, Santa Fe, New Mexico