Mary & Tito’s Cafe

Mary & Tito's

Behind the humble walls of Mary & Tito’s Cafe, lurks some of New Mexico’s finest food.

Best Good & Cheap Restaurants in AlbuquerqueThis is classic New Mexican cuisine at its best, and one of Albuquerque’s culinary gems. New Mexican Cuisine should not be confused with Mexican food (from Mexico). The regional ingredients and cultural influences make it something quite different. One of the defining characteristics of New Mexican Cuisine is the dominance of the New Mexican chile, which are either red or green depending on their stage of ripeness when picked. Other distinctive elements include blue corn, the stacked enchilada, and sopapillas into which honey is added moments before eating.

Mary & Tito's - James Beard Award Winner

Mary & Tito’s Cafe serves the highest quality classic New Mexican Cuisine in the classic New Mexican way. Slow cooked, classic New Mexican pork-based dishes simply do not get better than this.  The cafe may look a bit worn at the heels and dated (it is spotless), but the food is all that matters (as their being honored with the James Beard American Classics Award attests to). The prices make this one of our top “Good & Cheap” Albuquerque Restaurant picks. You can generally dine well here for about $12.00 per person.  If you visit Albuquerque, Mary & Tito’s must be on your shortlist of places to dine.

Mary & Tito's Cafe