My Top Five Santa Fe Instagram Photos of 2019

Santa Fe, New Mexico is an Instagram photographer’s dream! Here are my top five Santa Fe Instagram photos of 2018 (so far). These photos capture some of the details that make this charming city so photogenic!

This photo (shown above) is my most popular Santa Fe Instagram post to date, and for good reason. It features one of the most photographed doorways in the Santa Fe! Located off of Canyon Road in downtown Santa Fe, it shows the appealing colors and adobe textures that are the ‘secret sauce’ to Santa Fe’s enduring charm.

Santa Fe Photos

This photo, also a Santa Fe Instagram favorite, shows the simple charms of an art gallery entrance located on Canyon Road. What draws the eye are the colors and textures that seem to blend so beautifully in this modest composition.

A Santa Fe, New Mexico Art Gallery

The popularity of this Santa Fe photo on Instagram surprised me. It shows a simple arrangement of flower pots outside an art gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Canyon Road is one of the most photogenic streets in Santa Fe and the source for many of my best Santa Fe, New Mexico photos!

The Oldest Building In Santa Fe

This Santa Fe Instagram photo features the oldest structure in this charming city. The De Vargas Street House, located at 215 East De Vargas Street on the eastern side of Old Santa Fe Trail in Santa Fe, New Mexico within the Barrio De Analco Historic District, is one of the oldest buildings in America. It rests on part of the foundation of an ancient Indian Pueblo dating from around 1200 AD.

Inn of the Five Graces, Santa Fe, New Mexico

This photo is my fifth most popular Santa Fe photo on Instagram. It shows a rustic setting from the Inn of the Five Graces in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To my eye, this is one of the most beautiful hotels in Santa Fe (indeed, all of New Mexico).

Did I say top five Santa Fe Instagram photos? Well, let me add just one more. The photo below is not a Santa Fe photo per se, but it was shot in Santa Fe and is one of my most popular Instagram posts. It shows wildflowers seen during a late-summer day stroll in downtown Santa Fe. The colors captured my attention!

Summer Wildflowers

I am always adding new Santa Fe photos to my Instagram account. Check it our for my latest posts!