My Visible Wireless Review – What a Deal!

I will keep this short and sweet. Most likely you are already well-informed about Visible Wireless and its unlimited everything prepaid $40 per month wireless plan. If not, visit for all the details. What I will share here is a brief overview of my experiences and impressions after a month of using Visible as my daily driver for Internet access and phone calls.

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Simply Stated, an Amazing Deal!

I used Visible for a month for all of my Internet access. Along with the $40 per month unlimited data and calls on the Verizon network, I also received a free ZTE Blade Prime A7 smartphone (it was free with the swap of an old Android phone – details here). I paid $25.00 for the first month of service (a special offer from Visible for new sign-ups). Although the service is $40.00 per month, I am paying only $25.00 on a Party Pay plan. I used the Visible Wireless Party Pay Group on Facebook to quickly join three other Visible customers on Party Pay (all billing is kept separate and Party Plan members are anonymous).

Visible Wireless Review
ZTE Blade Prime A7 from Visible Wireless.

The bottom line is this: I am paying only $25.00 per month for unlimited data and minutes on the best 4GLTE network in the country. No throttling. Unlimited! There is the possibility that your access will be deprioritized when the network is busy. That happened to me once this month when my data speed slowed down to about 4 megabits per second for about five minutes. Otherwise, I am enjoying speeds that range for 25 – 35 megabits per second download. Nice.

My recent SpeedTest test results for Visible Wireless.

The ZTE Blade serves as a very reliable hotspot. I don’t subscribe to any streaming movie services such as Hulu or Netflix so I cannot comment on that. However, I easily and consistently stream HD movies on Youtube and Amazon Prime. In fact, Visible runs faster and smoother than my Xfinity Cable Internet connection.

Visible is able to offer low prices because it operates purely as an online service. It has no stores and all customer service is handled online. If you are comfortable with tech, this is a no brainer. Get Visible! If you feel that you need face time with a sales rep and customer service rep you can pay for that with a more expensive Verizon data plan. I have linked to a fairly comprehensive review I found on Youtube that covers some potential issues you may have with Visible:

Join a Party Plan on Reddit or Facebook and you will be paying only $25.00 for what has to be the best bargain in Unlimited Data from any carrier today. If you have good coverage locally from the Verizon network, you will not find a better deal out there! -SplurgeFrugal!

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