New Mexico Museum of Art

Located west of the Plaza in Santa Fe, the New Mexico Museum of Art displays the works of Southwestern, American and European artists.

The building housing this museum is an attraction in its own right, with stunning Pueblo Revival style architecture that is a beautiful amalgam of Native American and Spanish influences. Because Santa Fe Plaza represents the hub for historic and artistic attractions in Santa Fe, the New Mexico Museum of Art is ideally located for anyone who is visiting Santa Fe for a day or less.

You can visit The New Mexico Museum of Art and still have plenty of time left to see the bulk of Santa Fe’s attractions such as Canyon Road, Loretto Chapel and other key attractions.

The New Mexico Museum of Art has more than 20,000 works of American and European art in its collection, including paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, photographs, new media, and conceptual works.Its collection focuses on American art with an emphasis on artists working in the Southwest, including Georgia O’Keeffe, Edward Weston, Laura Gilpin, Agnes Martin, Luis Jimenez, Luis Tapia, Bruce Nauman, Meridel Rubenstein, and Ana Mendieta among others.

Beautiful both in architecture, and in its artistic collections, the New Mexico Museum of Art is worth a day trip from Albuquerque. It is also a convenient and worthy attraction for anyone visiting Santa Fe Plaza for the day.

New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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