Patti LaBelle Peach Cobbler | A Review

Patti LaBelle Peach Cobbler, Walmart

Well, you know that Patti LaBelle doesn’t make those pies herself, they come from a big bakery that just puts her name on it…” the counterman in Walmart’s deli department reminded me. Of course, I know that. Not even superwoman Patti can bake all those pies for Walmart herself!

Walmart - Patti LaBelle Peach Cobbler

Patti Labelle’s pies already had my attention. I was impressed with the sweet potato pie released under her name last year at Walmart. Other than being a tiny bit oversweet for my taste, it was very good. So, I expected to like Patti LaBelle’s Peach Cobbler as well. Two things told me right away that this cobbler, at the un-Walmart-like price of $6.98 was a promising buy.

Patti LaBelle Peach Cobbler Walmart

First, this peach cobbler had real heft. It had the weight and density of a true cobbler. And, unlike most discount chain mass market ‘fruit’ pies, the first item listed in the ingredients was the fruit, peaches! This was not bits of fruit swimming in a bath of high fructose corn syrup. This was a real cobbler loaded with real fruit. I’m sold.

How Does It Taste?

Oh, Patti. Now, I know this is all clever corporate marketing. But I don’t mind that if the product is solid. Well… it is. This is one tasty dessert. Patti LaBelle’s Peach Cobbler delivers!

First of all, it is loaded with peaches that are flavorful in their own right. The ingredients are premium. You get the full flavor of the peaches, not sugar. The balance of sweetness is just right. The crust has an aromatic hint of cinnamon and other spices that round out the flavors beautifully. With a bit of reheating in the oven, you can restore a touch of crispness to the crust that elevates the appeal.

Patti LaBelle

Above all, the secret to this peach cobbler is the high-quality ingredients.  It’s like a Patti LaBelle concert. You know that the woman can sing. The voice is real, authentic. Well, the Patti LaBelle Peach Cobbler is also authentic. Warm it up a bit, top it with some ice cream, and you’ll be singing too! Walmart has a hit on their hands with this one!