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Pizza 9, Albuquerque, NM - A Review

I was sitting here on a quiet Sunday evening cozily ensconced on my sofa staring at the pizza I had just eaten. Or, rather, the box it had come in. That pizza had been delivered from Pizza 9 on Gold Street, as had many before it. Why had I never reviewed this pizzeria before? Truth be told, I have eaten more food from Pizza 9 than any restaurant in Albuquerque. It’s my go-to choice for quick delivery if I’m too busy to head out for lunch while working. It’s also the pizzeria I am most likely to order from whenever I order pizza. Yet I had never thought to review it until now.

Pizza 9 Albuquerque - Photo 2

I suppose that we tend to overlook things that become very familiar and comfortable. Well, I have become very comfortable with Pizza 9. That’s a compliment. There is no drama, pomp or circumstance when it comes to Pizza 9. No brick ovens imported from Italy; no sun-dried plum tomatoes grown on the rolling hills of Sicily. None of that. They just make local pizza so reliably good that you really start to take it for granted.

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When compared to the large pizza chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut, Pizza 9 is the better choice. The dough has a light fresh taste, and the toppings are more generous and better tasting. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the large cheese pizza with maybe one additional topping. Simple, tasty, and filling. The Chicago Beef calzone is another favorite of mine along with the cheese ravioli with Italian sausage. All so good that I don’t think too hard about ordering from Pizza 9. I just do.

Pizza 9, Albuquerque

One more thing. Delivery is fast. These guys can get a delivery order out of the door faster than the big pizza chains. There you have it. Very good local pizza and fast delivery. Pizza 9 delivers!

My experience has been exclusively with the Gold St. location in downtown ABQ. Pizza 9 franchises are located throughout the greater Albuquerque area.

Pizza 9

101 Gold Avenue SW, Albuquerque
South of Century 14 Theater on First Street