Poshmark, the Land of Hidden Thrift Treasures!

Poshmark, the Land of Hidden Thrift Treasures!

There are only two online sources that I use consistently for purchases of second-hand menswear. eBay (naturally) and Poshmark. Both are great sources for high-quality second-hand clothing. However, there is something special about Poshmark.com that makes it the land of hidden thrift treasures!

What Makes Poshmark Special

Poshmark.com markets itself as a fast and easy way to sell clothes that are cluttering up your closet.  It is so easy to list items for sale that you can stand in front of your closet with a smartphone and list an item every 60 seconds. It does not demand the same level of detail in item descriptions as eBay does. Plus, a buyer can make an offer at a lower price on any item listed. Haggling is encouraged. This makes Poshmark feel much like an online yard sale when compared to eBay which behaves more like a commercial marketplace.

If you know how to spot quality, you can find amazing menswear bargains on Poshmark.com!

If you are a well-informed buyer who can spot ‘diamonds in the rough’ then you need to check out Poshmark. Sometimes, you will come across amazing bargains if you know the true value of what you’re looking at. If you know your menswear clothing brands and how to spot quality, come to Poshmark with an eagle-eye and you will find hidden thrift gems!

Poshmark Thrift Shopping Bargains on Menswear

For example, the sportscoat featured above was purchased by me recently on Poshmark. It is made by Baroni Couture, with fabric by Lanificio Di Pray, one of Italy’s top fabric mills. These two clues were provided in the photos of this sportcoat on Poshmark. A quick bit of Google research revealed that this is a high-quality garment that would retail in better menswear stores for over $500. So, in spite of lackluster photos and a sparse description by the seller that did not show this item at its best, I know that this was something special. Guess what I paid for it? Only $6.00 (plus $6.99 shipping costs)!

Alterations - Suits and Jackets
This sportscoat was purchased on Poshmark new with tags for only $10.00!

In order to discover menswear ‘diamonds,’ like these, you will need to patiently browse Poshmark listing with the ability to look beyond unimpressive photos and poorly worded descriptions. I have a number of exceptional items in my wardrobe including suits, shoes, and sportcoats that were purchased for rock-bottom prices on Poshmark. The more informed you are as a buyer, the greater the rewards. Try it out!