Roundtree and Yorke Gold Label Shirt Review (Thrifted)

In this Roundtree and Yorke Gold Label shirt review, I focus on the non-iron 100% cotton dress shirts sold in Dillard’s department stores under this private label brand.

Typically, Roundtree and Yorke Gold Label shirts sell in Dillard’s for $49.50 when new. They feature non-iron cotton fabric, button-down collars, barrel cuffs, and are made in China. I purchased the shirt featured in this review for $3.00 at a local thrift shop in like-new condition.

This non-iron shirt has a fine, soft, luxurious feel that I consider exceptional for non-iron shirts (non-iron finishes tend to make the cotton fabric feel a bit crunchy). In fact, I consider the smooth fabric finish more luxurious and nicer to the touch than Brooks Brothers Non-Iron All-Cotton shirts that retail for $98.00 (I own three Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Cotton shirts for comparison). In my opinion, the construction quality is as good as Brooks Brothers shirts (which sell at twice the price) with reinforced collar buttons, and smooth finely stitched seams.

Roundtree and Yorke Gold Label Shirt

The smooth finish of the Roundtree and Yorke shirt fabric makes it an appealing choice for casual wear. I also like the fact that the fabric is not sheer, you won’t see the outline of an undershirt through the body of this shirt.

In my opinion, all Non-Iron shirts need some ironing if they are to look crisp and polished. This shirt holds up well under repeated washing but I would not wear it (or any Non-Iron shirt) without a touch-up from a good steam iron. This shirt will always look better when ironed. A quick ironing gives this shirt a professional appearance.

When compared to the luxury brand Brooks Brothers, the Roundtree & Yorke Gold Label shirt offers excellent value at half the price. If you are looking for new dress shirts that offer a lot of value for under $30.00, I would also recommend looking at the JCPenney Stafford dress shirt line as well. Of course, in keeping with my frugal instincts, I never buy new dress shirts. When thrift shopping for dress shirts, the Roundtree & Yorke Gold Label brand is worth careful consideration. Highly recommended!