Savers Thrift Stores: Menswear Thrift Shopping Review

Bachrach Super 120's Double-Breasted Wool Sportscoat - Thrift Shop Find
Bachrach Super 120’s Double-Breasted Wool Sportscoat

I frequent my local Savers Thrift Store as part of my quest for affordable, stylish men’s suits, sportcoats and casual wear. This review focuses on my experiences in shopping for menswear only, not the full range of products sold by Savers.

Savers is a great source for men’s casual and dress pants, shirts, sweaters, ties and outerwear.

The Savers Thrift Store in my area is a large, cheerful, inviting store with a well-arranged and well-stocked menswear section. The Bachrach wool jacket shown above was purchased at Savers recently for only $12.00 in great condition, as were the Jos. A. Bank white silk pants worn in this photo ($3.00) and the Stafford white shirt ($4.00).

Thrifted Ralph Lauren Faux-Suede Overcoat
The Lauren Ralph Lauren Coat along with the scarf and slacks were purchased at Savers Thrift Store.

Savers is a great source for men’s casual and dress pants, shirts, sweaters, ties and outerwear. They offer a wide selection of these items in a wide range of sizes. The one area where they tend to be lacking (as is with most thrift stores it seems nowadays) is suits and sportcoats (eBay is best for this). You will find mostly orphaned suit jackets in odd sizes here. I live in a city where few people wear suits so you may have a better selection in Savers stores located in larger cities.

Prices are in the higher range (when compared to other thrift shops) generally. Expect to spend about $6.00 to $8.00 per item generally for dress shirts and slacks. However, the selection is generally well-curated and offers good value. You can find what you want quickly without wading through lots of junk.  Look for sales days to get the best deals.

I highly recommend Savers for good quality casual men’s clothing, coats, dress shirts and slacks.

Many are concerned about recent increases in prices at national thrift shop chains including Savers. This post features tips on getting the best bargains in spite of increasing prices.