Silk & Cashmere Sportscoat Thrift Find!

Silk & Cashmere Sportscoat

Let me start off by saying that this thrift find is now one of my favorite sportcoats and perhaps one of the nicest I have ever purchased. Ever! Here are the stats: 59% cashmere, 41% silk in a beautiful blue windowpane pattern with a Bemberg lining, half canvas interlining, side vents and ‘three-roll-two’ horn button layout. So nice!

But what’s even nicer is what I paid for this like-new condition sportscoat: Only $37.00 including shipping on eBay (check out my post on buying used suits on eBay here)! An excellent thrift haul find! A jacket of this quality typically sells for over $900. I have a fondness for windowpane patterns, and this is about as nice as they come in ready-to-wear menswear. It is a beautiful sportscoat, both in fabric and construction. What is more, it fits me perfectly without alterations.

Silk Cashmere Sportscoat - Thrift Shop Find

This sportscoat is made by Peerless Couture, a high-end made-to-measure label from Peerless Clothing, a respected Canadian suit maker that produces suits for well-known labels such as Chaps, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Andrew Fezza Collection. One of my favorite thrifting finds ever!

Peerless Couture

Generally, I have discovered that if you are happy with one brand that comes from a specific factory you will also be happy with others.