Sparky’s Burgers, Hatch, NM

Sparky’s, One of the Green Chile Cheeseburger Wonders of the World

First of all, Sparky’s Burgers is located in Hatch, New Mexico, not Albuquerque. Yet, I consider it one of the ultimate reasons to take a 2½ hour day trip from Albuquerque on an empty stomach. Hatch, New Mexico, home of the acclaimed Hatch Green Chiles, can also boast of having one of the best green chile cheeseburgers in the world. Sparky’s Burgers proudly bears that distinction. What a burger!

Sparky's Hatch, New Mexico

The fresh beef is hand-ground and cooked to perfection. A thick slice of cheddar and a healthy dollop of green chile on a lightly toasted bun complete this humble but scrumptious creation.

Chile Mango Shake, Sparky's, Hatch, New Mexico

Order a shake on the side and the green chile cheese fries. Not just any shake, but the locals favorite, chile mango. The chile mango shake and the green chile cheeseburger make a better pair than an old Mutt and Jeff cartoon. Try it!  This is a king’s meal, New Mexico style.

Sparky's, Hatch, New Mexico
A mural in Sparky’s Burgers, Hatch, New Mexico

In addition to legendary green chile cheeseburgers (they also have BBQ, but I’ve never tried it), Sparky’s has colorful, over-the-top Route 66 style decor that adds to the fun of being here. Giant burger toting statues, colorful murals, and lively music make dining here a real event.

Sparky's, Hatch, New Mexico - Amazing Green Chile Cheeseburgers!

In fact, this is a slice of “Mother Road” nestled in a charming town legendary for its celebration of the local chile harvest. So bring a healthy appetite and your camera. There is a charming story on Roadside America on how Teak Nunn, the owner of Sparky’s came to have all of those fascinating Route 66 “Muffler Man” style statues that adorn this location.

Sparky's Hatch, New Mexico

Sparky’s in Hatch, New Mexico is a roadside attraction worthy of a day trip from Albuquerque (about a 2½ hour drive). Yes, it’s a bit of a trip. However, Hatch is a charming and authentic small town worth seeing. Plus, you’ll have a good appetite when you get there! By the way, they are closed on Mondays to Wednesdays (so plan your visit accordingly)

Sparky’s Burgers

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