The Coppley Suit: A Review

Coppley Suit Review
My Coppley Wool Pinstripe Suit

There are certain things in life that cannot be fully appreciated until you acquire a bit of maturity. A Coppley suit is one of those things. As a younger man, I would never buy a Coppley suit. I would not have sufficient experience in life to fully appreciate its subtle virtues. Well, I’m a bit older and wiser now, and I love my Coppley suit!

Being ever the frugal sartorialist, I purchased this Coppley 3-button  charcoal grey wool pinstripe suit second-hand on eBay for $28.00 (including shipping). Coppley suits are made-to-measure in Canada and sold in better specialty menswear shops in the United States. Canada has an excellent reputation overall for its menswear manufacturing industry that is well deserved. Every suit I have purchased to date made by Canadian manufacturers has been of excellent quality at its price point.

Coppley Mens Suit

As I said before, Coppley makes suits that require some maturity to appreciate. The styling is refined, not flashy. None of that anemic too-short too-tight suit styling here, thank you! This is classic ‘suit as armor’ tailoring. The styling is subtle and timeless, with moderately padded shoulders and a hint of waist suppression. My Coppley (shown above) has half-canvas interlining construction and mid-weight wool fabric that feels very substantial and enduring. This suit is made to last!

I have in my wardrobe well cared for suits from legendary manufacturers including Hickey Freeman, Samuelsohn, and Corneliani. Coppley can stand with them as one of the best suit brands available. Its modest good looks get compliments whenever I wear it. I highly recommend Coppley as a brand to seek out when purchasing suits second-hand. Mine was a bargain at $28.00 (three-button suits tend to sell at lower prices) as they typically sell for $50-$100 used on eBay (they sell for over $1000.00 when new). Worth it!