The Grey Cardigan – An Essential Element of Style

There are certain garments that become essentials in everyman’s wardrobe such as a classic white dress shirt or a blue wool blazer. Here’s what I consider another indispensable¬†component of the well-curated wardrobe, the grey cardigan sweater.

Why a grey cardigan sweater? It is the perfect addition to any suit or sport coat when the weather turns cold. A traditional vest may look dated or even eccentric, but a cardigan is timeless and versatile. Plus, it may be all you’ll need to add to a suit or sport coat during the fall and winter months to stay cozy as you travel between heated environments of home or business.

Gray Cardigan Sweater

By choosing a cardigan in neutral grey tones, it will complement nearly any color suit, blazer or sportscoat you may own, along with an endless array of shirts and ties. It can look traditional and classic but also quite sporting.

The Gray Cardigan Sweater - Men's Suits & Sportcoats

Generally, when choosing a cardigan to wear with suits and sport coats you should choose one that is lightweight and well-fitted. A thin-knit wool and acrylic blend is ideal as it will hug the body without bulk and be comfortable under your jacket.

Cardigan Sweater Under Blue Wool Blazer

In these photos, I am wearing a gray wool/acrylic cardigan purchased from for only $4.00 (new without tags). It is a very versatile addition to my fall and winter wardrobe that is frequently added to my outfit of the day. It takes the sting out of colder days while being very comfortable for all-day wear.

Cardigan Sweater - Suit

If you are a thrift-shopper (like me) you can easily find gently used cardigan sweaters on eBay, Poshmark and at local thrift shops. It is a worthy addition to any stylish and frugal wardrobe!