The Frugal Man’s Pitti Uomo

If you have more than a passing interest in menswear, then the term Pitti Uomo is familiar to you. Pitti Uomo is the biannual menswear trade show that draws retailers, editors, and menswear enthusiasts from around the globe to Florence, Italy. The world’s finest tailored menswear is on display and is also worn in very creative ways by those attending.

Pitti Uomo

I occasionally scan photos from Pitti Uomo to see if there are any ideas worth adapting to my own wardrobe and style. For example, I saw this look from the Di Petrillo Winter Collection that pairs a patterned winter weight sportscoat with a pair of white cotton twill slacks. A variation of that look was also seen in another photo from Pitti Uomo shown below.

Pitti Uomo #2

Now, if I were to buy that sportscoat and slacks from Di Petrillo, it would cost me nearly $900. That’s just not an option for a cheapskate like myself. Well, I want this look, but not at $900.00. Is there a creative way to add this look to my wardrobe for less? Much less?

The Pitti Uomo Look, For a Pittance

Yes! I took a pair of Nautica white cotton khaki slacks I purchased at a local thrift shop for $1.00 and matched it to a cashmere & silk windowpane pattern sportscoat I purchased on eBay second-hand for $34.00. I added a wool turtleneck I have owned for three years (purchased at a local thrift shop for $6.00). For a grand total of $41.00, I captured the look seen at Pitti Uomo with items already in my closet sourced by thrift shopping. The results are seen in the photo below.

The Frugal Man's Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo Inspired Frugal Style - Don P. Albuquerque
A Variation On My Thrifted Pitti Uomo Style. Total Cost of Outfit $21.00

Of course, what I have done is not an exact replica of what was photographed at Pitti Uomo. It doesn’t need to be. I took an idea and reinterpreted it to fit my needs. Plus, just think of what I can do with the $860.00 I saved in the process! For more tips, check out my post on how to thrift & copy expensive menswear. -SplurgeFrugal