The Red Rock of Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico

Jemez Red Rock, New Mexico

I remember vividly when I first saw the Red Rock of Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico well over a decade ago. As you drive along the Jemez Mountain Trail (Jémez Mountain National Scenic Byway) from Bernalillo, you wind through the sleepy farming village of San Ysidro. You see hints of red rock in the distant landscape that are fully revealed only upon entering the Jemez Pueblo.

Red Rock, Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico

To the left, you have the Walatowa Visitors Center that offers a formal introduction to the Jemez Pueblo. To the right are the beautiful Jemez Red Rocks and the entrance to the Red Rock Canyon Trail. You can park in the Jemez Pueblo Walatowa Visitors Center parking lot, or near the stands offering Indian Fry Bread and other refreshments.

Jemez Mountains
Part of the exhibit at the Walatowa Visitors Center in the Jemez Pueblo (along the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway).

Red Rock Canyon Trail, Jemez, New Mexico

While the view from the Hwy 4 is enticing, the most scenic views require a pleasant hike along the Red Rock Canyon Trail. Guided tours are offered for a very modest fee at the Walatowa Visitors Center and are highly recommended. In addition to stunning red rock landscapes, you get an insight into the history of this land and the deep bond between it and the Jemez people.

Red Rock Canyon, Jemez, New Mexico

These photos were captured near the entrance to the Red Rock Canyon Trail. If you want to see the full stunning red rock vista that this land offers, you will need to take the tour yourself! It is an unforgettable experience that will deepen your appreciation for the history and beauty of this land and its people.