The Right Hangers For Your Suits

The Right Hangers for Your Suits

One of the best ways to extend the life of your suits and coats is to use the right hangers. Common wire hangers used by dry cleaners are not good for your suits. Why not? Take a look at the photo below. Notice how the shoulder of the suit jacket ‘breaks’ in the middle because the wire hangar is not long enough to support the full width of the jacket. Also, the hanger is not supporting the padded portion of the shoulder but has slid to the back of the jacket. This will cause the jacket’s shoulder line to stretch and distort over time, ruining the smooth profile of your suit jacket. Not good!

Never hang your suits on wire hangers. They will ruin the shoulders of your suits over time.

wire hanger on suit

Most better suit hangers, like the wooden hangers used by clothing stores, are quite expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00 apiece for wooden hangers. Is there a more cost-effective solution?

The Right Hangers for Suits

Great Suit Hangers At An Amazing Price!

Well, I found a solution that is just as good but much cheaper. Simplify 21 In. Extra Wide Design Velvet Slim Coat Hangers (shown in the photo above) are a low-cost way to hang your suits properly. Because these solidly made hangers are 21 inches wide (normal hangers are 17 inches wide) they support the full width of your suit jacket ensuring that the smooth shoulder line is preserved. They do not flex or bend like wire hangers. Plus, because they have a ‘velvet’ flocked finish, your coat and pants stay in place without sliding on the hanger. If you place this hanger under the shoulder padding of the suit it will stay there, providing stable support for your suits. I use these hangers for all of my suits, sport coats, and overcoats.

suit hangers - extra wide

Here is one of my vintage second-hand sportcoats (size 42 Long, Hart Schaffner & Marx Trumpeter brand, purchased used on eBay for $12.00) with the Simplify 21 Inch Extra Wide Design Velvet Slim Coat Hanger. Notice how the hanger supports the full width of the shoulder, protecting the smooth lines of the jacket structure.

The price of the Simplify 21 Inch Extra Wide Design Velvet Slim Coat Hangers makes them a good value. Walmart currently sells them online in a 6-pack for only $6.00 (I am not affiliated with Walmart). At that price, you can have excellent hangers for all of your thrifting finds!

Update: I have noticed a recent price increase for these hangers. They currently sell for about $10.00 for a pack of six as of August 2019.

Thrift Shop for Suit Hangers

thrift shop for wooden suit hangers

There is a second option for obtaining cheap hangers that will properly support your suits and sport coats. Thrift shops! Often, thrift shops will have batches of quality wooden suit hangers for a fraction of the cost of buying new. I purchased a batch of five wooden suit hangers including the one shown above for only $2.00 at my local Savers thrift shop. Of course, there is no guarantee that they will be available when you need them at your local thrift shop. But check occasionally. They’re worth seeking out. -SplurgeFrugal!