Thrifting Finds: Hickey Freeman Canterbury Blazer

My review of a stylish menswear thrift shopping find, a Hickey Freeman Canterbury blazer. Spoiler alert, it's beautiful!

Hickey Freeman Canterbury Blazer - Photo by Don P

Hickey Freeman is one of my favorite brands to seek when thrift shopping for suits and sportcoats. They have been making high-quality suits and sportcoats in Rochester, New York since 1899. Their expertise and excellence in suitmaking make them one of the very best American menswear manufacturers today.

I purchased this Hickey Freeman Canterbury Blazer (shown above) second-hand on eBay for only $14.00 (including shipping). Normally, the Hickey Freeman brand commands a higher price on the second-hand market. The poor quality of the photos and description of this jacket in the eBay listing made it easy to overlook. Three decades of experience thrift shopping has taught me to look beyond the poor quality photos. This brand does not make junk. I took the risk that the jacket was much nicer than the photos suggested. That risk paid off!

Here is the photo from the eBay listing for this jacket.

The Canterbury line represented one of Hickey Freeman’s most luxurious collections. This blue blazer is fully canvassed, uses excellent wool fabrics, and has tailoring details such as high armholes that contribute to a great fit. My jacket appeared to have been made-to-measure for its original owner. It fits me beautifully with no alterations needed. It is in excellent condition as well. I can say that it is the nicest blazer I have ever owned. And, at $14.00, it is also the cheapest!

In another post, I talk about the difference between luxury and quality. Luxury brands manipulate emotion to convince you to overpay for quality. Hickey Freeman never achieved luxury status as a brand. Yet, it remains one of the finest suitmakers in the world when it comes to quality. You get your money’s worth.

On eBay, you can buy two or three used Hickey Freeman suits for the price of one second-hand Canali or Zegna (Italian luxury brands). Hickey Freeman easily matches the best Italian luxury brands in quality while offering considerable savings (also true when buying new at retail).  I highly recommend Hickey Freeman suits whether you are buying new or used suits and sportcoats.-Don P. SplurgeFrugal