Thrifting Finds: Valentino Uomo Houndstooth Sportscoat

Seek and you will find! Here is one of the thrifting finds from ‘bottom fishing’ (bottom fishing is paying no more than $15 for an exceptional second-hand find online including shipping). This is a stylish Valentino Uomo alpaca and wool houndstooth sportscoat. It appears to date back to the early¬†1990s judging by the low gorge and width of the lapels.

Valentino Sportscoat
This is the photo of this jacket from the seller’s eBay listing

I purchased this jacket on eBay for only $13.95 with free shipping. This jacket had remained unsold for at least two months, most likely due to the heavily wrinkled condition of the jacket in the poorly lit photos in the seller’s post. The fact that this designer jacket featured an alpaca & wool blend, is made in Italy, and was formerly sold in Saks Fifth Ave., signaled that it was worth a closer look. The quality of the cloth was obvious, even with the bad lighting and heavy wrinkles that marred the photo. This was a great catch!

Valentino sportscoat

Upon receiving the jacket, I was delighted with its condition. It appeared to be unworn, was stain free, and even had extra buttons sealed in a small envelope in one of the pockets. The durable yet lightweight alpaca and wool blend makes this a two-season sportscoat (fall & winter). It is unvented and beautifully tailored with classic Italian proportions. A bit dated perhaps? Yes, but in a very good way! I see this as a desirable addition to my wardrobe and an absolute thrifting bargain! -Don P, SplurgeFrugal