Thrift Shopping For Menswear – Tips & Finds

My favorite thrift shop and online finds in menswear, including suits, sports coats and and more. Classy threads for the price of a take-out pizza!

Thrifting Menswear - Old Man Style

WELCOME to my thrift shopping for menswear adventures! When it comes to clothing, I thrift shop my entire wardrobe, and have been doing so for over three decades! I budget about $60.00 (US) per month (now less than $20.00 per month as my closet is full) for my thrifting acquisitions. The photos below show some of the newest additions to my wardrobe over the past six months.

Double-Breasted Sportscoat

Double Breasted Sportscoat
Bachrach Super 120’s Double-Breasted Wool Sportscoat

This black chalk-striped Super 120’s wool double-breasted sportscoat is made by Bachrach and was purchased for $12.00 at my local Savers Thrift. I purchased the matching slacks for an additional $6.00 only to discover that they altered and could not be made to fit. That left me with only the jacket. Although wearing a striped jacket as a sportscoat is usually considered a fashion faux, the widely spaced bold stripes in this jacket looks great when paired with light grey or white slacks.

Jos. A. Bank Signature Collection Suit

Jos. A. Bank Signature Collection Suit
My Jos. A. Bank Signature Collection Suit

Jos. A. Bank is a brand that many menswear enthusiasts love to hate. I don’t see why. They offer very good quality at an affordable price. This is a Jos. A. Bank Signature Collection blue chalk-striped 3-button wool suit I purchased gently-used on for only $23.00.I was pleasantly surprised at how appealing this suit is. It is a handsome and well-tailored suit with better-quality fused construction and premium wool fabric. When Jos. A. Bank runs its promotions, Signature Collection suits can be purchased for as lows as $199 when new. This makes a very nice addition to my growing collection of thrifted suits and sportcoats.

Polo Ralph Lauren Barn Coat

Barn Coat, Polo Ralph Lauren

This is a classic vintage barn coat made by Polo Ralph Lauren. The outer fabric is a tough wearing cotton twill fabric with an insulated plaid flannel lining. It has minor signs of wear that add to its patina. I purchased this coat second-hand on for $23.00 (US). A great buy! It is a distinctive coat perfect for casual wear. If new, this coat would retail for over $300.00.

Ungaro Double-Breasted Sportscoat

Ungaro Double-Breasted Sportscoat

This is a well-tailored wool double-breasted sportscoat (or suit jacket) that I purchased second-hand at Savers Thrift Shop  for $6.00 some time ago. It may be a suit jacket, I’m not sure. However, it makes a tasteful ensemble when paired with tan slacks also purchased from Savers for $3.00.

Baroni Silk & Wool Sportscoat

Baroni Sportscoat - Thrift Shopping Find

This is a luxurious tan Baroni Couture silk & wool blend sportscoat made with Lanificio Di Pray fabrics (one of Italy’s top fabric mills) that sells at retail for over $500.00. It is 2-button, side vented with a Bemberg lining and excellent tailoring. I purchased this sportscoat for the rock-bottom price of $6.00 on No, that is not a typo. $6.00! To sniff out great deals like this on Poshmark you need to research your brands and find the sartorial gems hidden behind poor product photos and incomplete descriptions.

Thrifted Blue Linen Sportscoat

The photo below shows one of my favorite buys: A Hart Schaffner & Marx, Gold Trumpeter Sportscoat. This linen 3-roll-2 roll (a 3 button sportscoat worn as a 2 button) sportscoat was purchased for the paltry sum of $10.49 on eBay (plus $8.75 for shipping). Gold Trumpeter (now known as simply Gold) is Hart Schaffner & Marx’s premium line of suits and sports coats. They feature half-canvas interlinings and premium fabrics. Generally, you will find the Gold Trumpeter label sportcoats selling at retail for $400 and up.

How To Buy Used Sportcoats
Gold Trumpeter Linen Sportscoat Purchased for only $10.49 on eBay!

This sportscoat is blue with a classic windowpane pattern. It is in like-new condition. I removed the rear center vent, making the jacket ventless and slimmed the body. All alterations were done with my budget-priced Brother JX2517 sewing machine.

In the first photo (above), I am wearing a cotton Michael Kors dress shirt and grey flannel wool slacks by Ralph Lauren. Both were purchased at Goodwill Thrift for $3.00 and $6.00 respectively. In the second photo (below), I am wearing a Kirkland cotton button-down dress shirt, Brooks Brothers cotton khaki slacks and a Lauren silk tie,  purchased at Savers Thrift for $3.00, $2.00 and $1.75 respectively.

Line Sportcoat Thrift Shopping

Since I now have a fairly complete wardrobe, I patiently seek out underpriced, high-quality second-hand apparel like this that offers great value for an exceptionally low price. This is the art of thrift-shopping!

Daniel Cremieux Wool Suit

Daniel Cremieux Wool Suit - Dillards - Thrift Shop Purchase

This is one of my favorite second-hand suit purchases. This is a Daniel Cremieux Collection suit that features luxurious Loro Piana Super 120’s wool fabric. This brand typically retails for over $700.00 at Dillard’s. I purchased this suit on eBay for $21.00. The tailoring and fabric are simply superb. I highly recommend looking both for this brand and for the Loro Piana label when thrift shopping. It is a sure sign that you have a high-quality suit. This suit is worn with a Stafford Pinpoint Oxford 100% cotton shirt (Purchased for $6.00 at Savers Thrift) and a Ferrell Reed silk tie that normally retails for $50.00 ( I paid $1.00 at a local thrift shop).

Used Gianfranco Ruffini Wool Sportscoat

Gianfranco Ruffini Sportscoat

This vintage Gianfranco Ruffini tan herringbone two-button wool sportscoat may be at least 20 years old. It has the broad-shouldered stance made popular by Italian designer Giorgio Armani in the 1980’s but with more subdued proportions. I purchased it second-hand for only $16.00 on eBay. All it required was a slight slimming of the waist for perfect fit. In this photo, it is paired with a Michael Kors cotton dress shirt ($3.00 Savers Thrift), Kirkland grey flannel wool slacks ($3.50 Goodwill Thrift) and silk tie by Pavia of Italy ($1.00 Savers Thrift).

Second-Hand Italian Wool Suit

Vestimenta Suit

This Vestimenta lightweight wool suit (above) was purchased second-hand for only $15.00 on eBay. This Italian manufacturer generally sells suits in the $2000 range and higher. This suit is fully-canvassed and beautifully tailored. By doing a quick search for the brand name on Google when considering this purchase, I discovered that it was a true bargain. What is more, it fits me perfectly with no alterations required!

Thrifted Daniel Cremieux Blue Wool Blazer

Daniel Cremieux Blue Blazer - Thrifted

This is a second-hand Daniel Cremieux Collection blue blazer made of lightweight wool. This is a ventless, three-button, fully-lined blazer with very stylish tan buttons. It was purchased on eBay for $12.00 in like-new condition. It would normally retail in Dillard’s for about $230.00. I have matched this beautifully tailored blazer with a pair of Brooks Brothers cotton khaki slacks (local thrift shop, $3.00), Daniel Cremieux 100% cotton shirt (local thrift shop, $2.00) and a Panama style straw hat purchased from China for $6.00 ( Timeless and classic!

Thrifted Made-to-Measure Linen Sport Coat

Linen Sportscoat Purchased on eBay for Only $12.00
Linen Sportscoat Purchased on eBay for Only $12.00

This beautiful made-to-measure linen sportscoat was purchased on eBay for the grand sum of $12.00 (including shipping). Of course, it was not made-to-measure for me. However, the measurements provided by the eBay seller were enough to indicate that this sportscoat would be a good fit. It is! No alterations were made to this jacket. There was a small tear in the lining near the inside pocket that took all of five minutes to repair (the reason why this sports coat was so cheap). Its a great warm weather jacket with classic good looks. A great find!

My $1.00 Thrift Store Pleated Wool Slacks!

Thrift Shop Pants

These are Louis Raphael Luxe pleated & cuffed wool slacks purchased for the princely sum of $1.00 (yes, only $1.00!) at a local thrift shop. I stopped in just before they were closing on a Thursday, discovering that they were holding an “All Clothing For $1.00” sale. These beautiful slacks are all I had time to buy. To my delight, the cashier told me that they hold the “All Clothing For $1.00 Sale every Thursday. Whaaaat! Needless to say, I will be stopping in on Thursdays in the future. These slacks are in mint condition and normally retail for $75.00 when new.

Thrifted Silk/Wool Sports Coat

Silk Wool Sport Jacket - Thrifted

This is a silk & wool blend sports coat with a Dillard’s label purchased second-hand on eBay for the modest sum of only $12.00 (including shipping). I was ready to discard it when I first received it as it fit me poorly. It was transformed from a beast into a beauty with a few alterations that included removing the center vent. This was the first time I attempted such an advanced alteration and I think it turned out pretty well. The money I saved by not going to a tailor covered the cost of my sewing machine!

Thrifted Silk/Wool Jacket Before & After Alterations
My Thrifted Silk/Wool Jacket Before & After Alterations

Jos. A. Bank Cotton Suit

Jos. A. Bank Cotton Suit - Thrifted

Jos. A. Bank is a brand well-known for its affordable business suits. It is not a brand I seek out generally because I prefer something closer to an Italian silhouette. Nevertheless, I do like their cotton suits, which are hard-wearing and good-looking. This second-hand Jos. A. Bank cotton suit was purchased for only $15.00 on It is fully lined, with a center vent and cuffed and pleated pants. It was previously altered but fit me quite well. All that was needed was minor cuff alterations. I matched the suit with a Reed St. James silk tie ($1.00, local thrift shop) and a blue 100% cotton Calvin Klein dress shirt ($1.00, local thrift shop). The blue plaid pocket square is a thrifted purchase from Savers Thrift (.75 cents). A great-looking suit for spring!

Thrifted Ralph Lauren Overcoat

Thrifted Ralph Lauren Faux-Suede Overcoat

This is my everyday overcoat. It is a Lauren (Ralph Lauren) faux-suede 3/4 length coat with a zip-out quilted lining. This was purchased for $12.00 at a Savers Thrift Shop. It was in like new condition, possibly a donation by a local department store (my guess is Dillard’s). This is a good coat for rain and snow as it can be quickly thrown into the washing machine and comes out looking great (even though the label says dry-clean only). The scarf is also thrifted from Savers for the princely sum of $1.00, as are the cotton L.L. Bean chinos ($6.00).

Thrifted Emilio Yuste Silk/Wool Houndstooth Sportcoat

Thrifted Emilio Yuste Sport Coat

I purchased this beautiful second-hand Emilio Yuste tan silk/wool houndstooth sportcoat (ventless, two-button) for the grand sum of  $24.00 (including shipping) on eBay. I was not familiar with this label (it is made in Spain), but it was apparent from the eBay sellers photos that the fabric had a beautiful finish. From my online research, I could see that it was a popular mid-priced menswear brand in Spain most likely imported by a small specialty menswear shop in the US.

The fabric is simply beautiful. The silk has a high sheen and luxurious feel that makes this jacket distinctive. It has a classic ventless European cut and fit me with no alterations required. An impressive jacket! I matched it with an Arrow 100% cotton dress shirt ($3.00, local thrift shop) and a Tommy Hilfiger silk tie ($2.00, local thrift shop).

Thrifted Joseph Abboud Suit

Thrifted Joseph Abboud Suit

Joseph Abboud is one of my favorite menswear designers. This suit is from the Joseph Abboud American Soft label and was purchased used on eBay for the modest sum of $19.00. This is Abboud at his best. This business suit features side vents, flat-front pants, premium fabrics, half-canvas construction and a trim silhouette. It is a very comfortable suit as well.

Joseph Abboud American Soft - Label

This suit line generally retailed for around $400-$700. Sadly, this label was introduced (1995) just as the American male was abandoning business suits. A shame. I consider the Joseph Abboud American Soft line a stylish and lower priced alternative to European labels like Hugo Boss. Abboud is now designing a premium line of suits for Men’s Wearhouse.

All this suit required was minor waist alterations for a perfect fit. This is a label that I keep an eye out for when thrifting. Love this suit!

Thrifted Paul Betenly Sport Coat

Thrifted Paul Betenly Sport Coat

This is one of the more unusual items I have thrifted and a favorite! This is a Paul Betenly sportscoat that normally retails for $500.00. I purchased it second hand on eBay for $16.00 (including shipping). This is special. The wool fabric has a speckled finish which sets it apart from the standard blue blazer. It is superbly tailored with whimsical details that you don’t normally see in ‘off-the-rack’ clothing. The jacket is side-vented, natural-shouldered, and has wonderful finishing on the tailoring (see the photo below).

Paul Betenly Sport Coat Details

This sportscoat fits superbly and required no alterations. I have matched with a 100% cotton dress shirt, silk tie and white khaki slacks all thrifted from Goodwill. The pocket square cost 98 cents on eBay (see the Classic Blue Blazer below for more info on that). I really love this jacket and have become a fan of Paul Betenly!

Paul Betenly

Thrifted Made-To-Measure Suit

Thrifted Made to Measure Suit

Well… It was not made to measure for me… but it was made to measure for its original owner (his initials are still in the suit). This is a Tom James made-to-measure blue wool pinstripe suit (3-button, side vents) purchased second-hand on eBay for the modest sum of $20.00! The red pin-stripes set it apart from the generic pin-striped suit. New, a suit like this will cost upwards of $1,000.00. The Tom James brand is popular with high-rolling Wall Street executives.

Thrifted Made-To-Measure Men's Suit

Because the eBay seller listed all the measurements of the suit, I was able to compare it with a suit that fits me well. That’s the key to buying used suits online. Many times suits are altered so you need to know the full measurements to ensure that the fit is compatible. This suit was a near perfect fit. All it needed was a minor alteration of the pants waist. Learning how to do alterations is not difficult. I’ve saved hundreds so far by doing my own alterations (you can find very good sewing machines new for under $100 if you catch a sale).

The Tom James suit is mated with a thrifted Hathaway 100% cotton white dress shirt ($2.00 Goodwill) and thrifted Italian silk tie ($1.00 Goodwill). I’d like to thank the original owner of this suit for taking such good care of it!

Thrifted Italian Blue Double Breasted Blazer

A classic blue double-breasted blazer brings to my mind visions of zipping through the Italian countryside on a Vespa to have a picnic lunch at an impossibly beautiful Tuscan villa. Well, I’m not Italian, don’t own a Vespa, and am nowhere near any Tuscan villa. But now, at least I do have the right blazer for it!

Double Breasted Sportscoat
Hart Schaffner & Marx Double-Breasted Blazer: Purchased for $16.00 on eBay

This blazer was purchased used on eBay for the princely sum of $16.00 (including shipping). It is made of sturdy blue wool twill and has classic Italian style. The fabric and quality are excellent, with half-canvas interlining as far as I can tell. It appears to be unworn. All it needed was a minor alteration in the side seams to fit me perfectly. Another alteration job perfectly handled by my Brother JX2517 sewing machine.

double-breasted blazer label

The blazer carries the label Confezioni Riserva. This is an Italian-style line of suits and sportcoats introduced by the American suit manufacturer Hart Schaffner & Marx in 1988 when Italian style was becoming all the rage in men’s wear. Luciano Franzoni is the Italian designer licensed by Hart Schaffner & Marx for this line. Nice work Franzoni!

The pants mated with this blazer were thrifted from a local Goodwill that gets a lot of donations from a local Dilliard’s dept. store ($3.00 on half-price Monday). The shirt is 100% cotton and is also purchased from my local Goodwill for only $2.50. If ever I have the opportunity to ride a Vespa in the Tuscany countryside, this is the blazer for it!

A Thrifted Classic Blue Blazer

Thrifting men's suit, sport coats

A blue blazer is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. This 3-button, ventless blue all-season wool blazer (shown above) is by Calvin Klein (white label) and was purchased on eBay for $10.00 ($7.50 shipping). Although used, it was in excellent condition. It had been altered to fit a slimmer physique. However, it was a fairly basic task for me to open up the side seams and restore the original proportions of the jacket (thankfully, the original fabric was intact) with my modest sewing skills.

pocket square

The pocket square in the photo above is white cotton with a stitched color edge. This accessory adds a modest flourish to this outfit. It was only .99 cents per square on eBay (I purchased them in a range of stitched color edges). They are shipped from China when you order on eBay (shipping was about two weeks). The quality is excellent. If you want to find these pocket squares, do an eBay search for “Men Plain White Cotton Handkerchief Candy Color Rolled Edge Pocket Square Hanky.”

Finally, the shirt was purchased from a local Goodwill (100% cotton, $2.00) along with the tie (Alexander Julian, silk $1.00). By the way, check out my guide to ironing cotton shirts. A pair of casual white khakis finishes the outfit. Cheap and classic!

When I buy clothing, I stick to a limited color range to ensure that everything I buy can be coordinated. All of my sportcoats and blazers are shades of blue or brown so that they will coordinate with khaki slacks. And yes, in case you’re wondering, all of my casual slacks are khakis. I never knew a thrift shop that did not have tons of khakis to sell!

I purchased an inexpensive sewing machine (Brother JX2517, on sale for $69.00) over a year ago and learned to do basic alterations (it’s not as difficult as you may imagine). With a bit of practice, I have learned to alter all of my thrift purchases. Often, the cost of alterations can easily be ten times the cost of thrifted garments! Do you want to thrift like a pro? Read my thrifting tips for men’s clothing in this post.

Thrifted Ralph Lauren Silk Sport Coat

Ralph Lauren Silk/Wool Tweed Sportscoat Purchased for $6.00 at Goodwill Thrift Shop
Ralph Lauren Silk/Wool Tweed Sportscoat Purchased for $6.00 at Goodwill Thrift Shop

Here is a beautiful silk herringbone RALPH (Ralph Lauren) sportscoat I purchased at a local Goodwill thrift shop in like-new condition for the princely sum of $6.00! I purchased it on a Monday during the 50% off all clothing sale. This particular Goodwill is located near a shopping mall anchored by Dillard’s dept. store.

This like-new silk sport coat was only $6.00 at my local Goodwill Thrift Shop!

It seems that the local Dillard’s donates lots of men’s clothes to this particular Goodwill location. That may be something for you thrift shoppers to keep in mind. Seek out Goodwill thrift shops located near high-end shopping malls. You may discover some excellent deals on brand new clothing donations!

The RALPH line is a private label of Dillard’s licensed from Ralph Lauren and made in China. Typically, the RALPH line sells in the $300 range for sportcoats and $500 range for suits at retail. This silk jacket appears to be of half-canvas interlined construction. The silk fabric is excellent and has a subtle sheen and very soft feel. It appears to be new and in excellent condition. It is ventless, two-button, and has a soft Italian cut. It fits beautifully! I paired this herringbone sport coat with a pair of thrifted wool gabardine slacks ($6.00 Goodwill) and Robert Talbott silk tie ($1.00 Goodwill).

Normally, I focus on buying my slacks, shirts, and ties at local thrift shops while buying used suits on eBay. This, however, is one of those ‘in the right thrift shop at the right time’ purchases. I’m going to keep my eye open for more of Dillards very elegant donations!

Check out this post on my thrifted grey flannel suit, a personal favorite. Stay tuned, more menswear thrifting buys are coming up!

Update: The Closet is Full…

A few months of carefully curated, frugally financed thrift shopping has resulted in a closet full of beautiful suits, sportcoats, slacks, and all ‘the fixins.’ Now, I am much more picky about what I buy (if anything) in my thrift shopping adventures. Currently, I keep an eye out for unique silk or linen suits and sportcoats, limiting myself to a monthly thrift budget of $20.00. I only buy if the item is of high quality, exceptional appeal, and under $20.00. Otherwise, I only purchase an item to replace something that has worn out or is no longer wearable in my current wardrobe.

Thrift shopping is a skill that requires a working knowledge of menswear and the ability to hunt down bargains. So, like any athlete, you need to practice your skills from time to time to keep them sharp. My thrifting adventures continue, but at a minimal level.