White Sands, New Mexico

There is something so otherworldly about White Sands, one of New Mexico’s most exotic attractions.

Landlocked, with nary a pool or a beach in sight, White Sands plays with your perception of what is normal. Blazing blue skies, and dazzling white sand beaches should be followed by the gentle lapping of cool ocean waters. But in White Sands, New Mexico, there are pristine white gypsum sand dunes as far as the eye can see, accompanied by an eerie silence, and powder blue skies. No signs of life, except for the occasional hardy desert plant. What desert creatures live here stay burrowed under the cool sand for their own survival during the day. Weird, huh?  Welcome to another facet of the quirky beauty of New Mexico!

White Sands, New Mexico

This fascinating day trip from Albuquerque is a most unusual natural phenomenon. Covering more than 275 miles, it offers a graphically stark playground that the whole family can enjoy. Bring your sleds, slides, sunglasses and sunscreen, and a sense of wonderment. The gypsum sand stays cool to the touch in spite of ambient temperatures that may reach into the ’90s. That makes it a joy to play in. Walking barefoot in the sands is a wonderful experience here!

I have visited few places that so fully engage the senses of every member of the family quite like White Sands. It is beautiful beyond expectation, and worth the 220-mile drive from Albuquerque to visit.

White Sands, New Mexico - Albuquerque Day Trip

For Photography Buffs

For the photographer, the early morning and evening golden hour offer glowing light to soften and paint the landscape with pale watercolors. If you arrive at 7 AM in the morning when White Sands opens, you will catch some of the early morning sunrise glow on the dunes. Thrilling.

White Sands, New Mexico, Photo 3

Be sure to check the White Sands official website for any late-breaking news. Because White Sands is surrounded by a missile testing facility, occasionally the park or the highway that surrounds it may be closed.

White Sands National Monument Official Website

Safety Considerations at White Sands

There are a few common sense safety issues you should be aware of when visiting White Sands. WikiHow offers excellent safety tips pictorial that you’ll want to consider before a family outing to White Sands. Click on the link below for more info:

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