The Best Breakfast in Albuquerque You Should Definitely Try

First, I’d like to express my reservations about using the term “best.” It implies a competitive nature, which isn’t the goal. The essence of good food lies in the passion for cooking and the gratitude of those who savor it. With this perspective, Albuquerque, affectionately known as ‘Duke City,’ has plenty to offer. Below is … Read more

Visit Madrid, New Mexico!

Madrid, New Mexico, captures the essence of a ‘grooviest’ little ghost town unlike any other, making it an exceptional destination for those looking to experience the unique blend of history, culture, and artistic flair that New Mexico has to offer. Located along the scenic Turquoise Trail, Madrid invites visitors to step into a world where … Read more

Dollar Tree Stores Review – Shoe Polish

dollar tree

How good is Dollar Tree Shoe Polish, and does it compare well with well-known brands like Kiwi Shoe Polish? In this review, I give my impressions of bargain-priced Dollar Tree Shoe Polish (as sold for $1.00 in Dollar Tree Stores). I recently acquired the brown Dollar Tree Shoe Polish from my local Dollar Tree outlet. The container holds … Read more

Petrified Forest National Park – Arizona’s Gallery

While the Petrified Forest National Park is widely celebrated for its vibrant petrified wood remnants, I find the stark beauty of the badlands even more captivating. These vivid landscapes, though not as vast as Arizona’s Grand Canyon, equally dazzle with their rich colors, diversity, and textures. The park’s less-traveled trails provide a direct and intimate experience … Read more

How To Freshen Your Suits (No Dry Cleaning Needed)

To begin, it’s important to note that suits and sport coats do benefit from dry cleaning, but perhaps not as frequently as you assume! This guide will demonstrate how to rejuvenate your suit at home, ensuring it stays fresh in both appearance and scent, all while saving money on dry cleaning costs. Why You Should … Read more

Where to Buy Used Suits and How? Tips for 2024

Find the best used suits in 2024

Buying suits can be expensive, often costing over $600 for a good one. A smart way to save money is by buying used suits on eBay. From my experience, this approach is both budget-friendly and can lead to finding some great suits. Here’s how to do it right: Check the seller’s ratings to avoid scams. … Read more