15 Things to Do in Old Town Albuquerque 2024: Art Lovers’ Paradise

old town albequerque

Old Town’s central plaza is always bustling with life, serving as the prime gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. The area offers an expansive selection of art galleries, and shops, each providing a unique look into the creative spirit that runs through Albuquerque. The sensory experience is enriched further by the tantalizing smells wafting … Read more

The Best Breakfast in Albuquerque You Should Definitely Try

First, I’d like to express my reservations about using the term “best.” It implies a competitive nature, which isn’t the goal. The essence of good food lies in the passion for cooking and the gratitude of those who savor it. With this perspective, Albuquerque, affectionately known as ‘Duke City,’ has plenty to offer. Below is … Read more

Visit Madrid, New Mexico!

Madrid, New Mexico, captures the essence of a ‘grooviest’ little ghost town unlike any other, making it an exceptional destination for those looking to experience the unique blend of history, culture, and artistic flair that New Mexico has to offer. Located along the scenic Turquoise Trail, Madrid invites visitors to step into a world where … Read more

Petrified Forest National Park – Arizona’s Gallery

While the Petrified Forest National Park is widely celebrated for its vibrant petrified wood remnants, I find the stark beauty of the badlands even more captivating. These vivid landscapes, though not as vast as Arizona’s Grand Canyon, equally dazzle with their rich colors, diversity, and textures. The park’s less-traveled trails provide a direct and intimate experience … Read more

Is Santa Fe ‘Better’ Than Albuquerque? Two of New Mexico’s Gems

santa fe vs albuquerque

Each city brings its unique flavor to New Mexico, offering different experiences. With its larger population, Albuquerque provides a more urban experience coupled with modern amenities, whereas Santa Fe offers a tranquil, historic setting steeped in tradition and culture. Economic factors, lifestyle amenities, and the demographic makeup of these communities also play a critical role … Read more