Dollar Tree Stores Review – Shoe Polish

How good is Dollar Tree Shoe Polish, and does it compare well with well-known brands like Kiwi Shoe Polish? In this review, I give my impressions of bargain-priced Dollar Tree Shoe Polish ($1.00 in Dollar Tree Stores).

I purchased the Dollar Tree Shoe Polish, brown color, from my local neighborhood Dollar Tree store. The tin contains 1.4 oz of polish, slightly more than the Kiwi Brand at 1 1/8 ounces. Generally, the Kiwi brand costs about $3.00. I have been using Kiwi brand shoe polish for decades, for about as long as I’ve worn shoes. However, as the name of my website suggests ( I am always looking for a bargain! At only $1.00, Dollar Tree Shoe Polish promises to be a frugal alternative to Kiwi and higher priced shoe polish brands.

Dollar Tree Shoe Polish

Dollar Tree Shoe Polish (Brown)

The shoes I used to test Dollar Tree Shoe Polish are a pair of Aston Grey Collection dark brown cap toe oxford full grain leather shoes that I usually wear with a suit or sportscoat (purchased second-hand for $12.00). I used one coat of shoe polish, buffing with my Kiwi shoe brush, and doing a mild mirror shine on the toe. These shoes are usually polished with Kiwi Shoe Polish about once every two months.

My Impressions: Dollar Tree Shoe Polish

My shoes after polishing with Dollar Tree Shoe Polish

My shoes after polishing with Dollar Tree Shoe Polish

The consistency of Dollar Tree Shoe Polish is slightly closer to a cream polish when compared to Kiwi Shoe Polish which has a waxier consistency. As a result, it is slightly easier to apply. To my eye, it polishes very well and can produce a high gloss using a mirror shine technique. The shine is lustrous and looks like the results you can expect from a more expensive shoe shine product. Can it replace my longstanding favorite Kiwi Brand shoe polish? Yes. In fact, It is now my shoe polish of choice. At the low price of only $1.00, Dollar Tree Shoe Polish is an excellent bargain. In fact, this is now my preferred shoe polish!

The only downside is that Dollar Tree Shoe Polish only comes in two colors, black and brown (it would be nice to have a neutral polish). It is usually found in your local Dollar Tree store (I did not find it for sale on their website). It is an excellent value and a great addition to the frugal-minded well-dressed man’s wardrobe. Highly recommended!


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