Joseph Abboud Suit Review (Thrifted)

Nowadays, the term menswear designer can mean almost anything. It covers all sorts of fashion extremes, including many that self-respecting men over the age of 40 cannot (and should not wear). Joseph Abboud is an American menswear designer that designs clothes for mature men. I like that because I am a grown man not given to quickly shifting fads and extremes. For good reason, Joseph Abboud has been one of my favorite suit and sport coat designers. In this post, I review two second-hand suits by Joseph Abboud that were recently added to my wardrobe.

Joseph Abboud Logo

Pictured above is a Joseph Abboud for Nordstrom Super 100’s 3-button grey pinstripe wool suit (ventless) that I purchased on eBay for $26.00. The Super 100’s wool fabric gives this suit a luxurious look and feel. Generally, I prefer to avoid ‘Super’ fabric ratings higher than Super 100 as they tend to less durable. This classic men’s suit offers the perfect balance of well-tailored luxury and long-life. The shoulders have light padding and the pants are pleated. The overall look of this suit is stylish yet tasteful, ensuring that it will continue to look appropriate for years to come.

The suit shown below is from the Joseph Abboud ‘American Soft’ collection (also sold in Nordstrom) and was purchased on eBay second-hand for only $19.00 It is a mid-weight wool black pinstripe 2-button suit with side vents. It has a more relaxed fit than my grey pinstripe 3-button. It is a very comfortable suit and can easily be worn all day.

Joseph Abboud Suit Review - Suit #2

Joseph Abboud American Soft Suit

As I stated earlier, Joseph Abboud is one of my favorite menswear designers. The styling is sensible and works both for business wear and special events. Both suits have half-canvas interlining construction. When new, these suits were priced in the $500 – $600 range. With care, both of these suits should provide years of good-looking service and can serve as the foundation for a solid men’s wardrobe.

I highly recommend Joseph Abboud as a label worth seeking when purchasing second-hand men’s suits. His suits are a great choice for men who want a stylish but mature approach to menswear. I generally look for these suits at prices below $40.00 on eBay. Pay attention to measurements as they tend to run slightly larger than normal. I normally wear a size 42l but find that a 41L fits better when buying a Joseph Abboud suit or sport coat. Joseph Abboud is a brand that offers excellent value when new and is a desirable brand to seek when thrift shopping!