Jos. A. Bank Dress Shirts Review

Should you buy Jos. A. Bank dress shirts?

In a word, yes! They offer exceptional value. I like the high-quality cotton and the above-average construction and durability of their dress shirts. When they are on sale, 4 shirts for $125.00, they can be an exceptional value. In fact, I consider them a better value when on sale than similar Brooks Brothers dress shirts on sale, 3 shirts for $125.00. There is, however, one thing about Jos. A. Bank dress shirts that may be a deal-breaker for some. Read on in this review to find out more:

Jos. A. Bank Dress Shirt Review

Jos. A. Bank Dress Shirt Quality

I have a small collection of Non-Iron Tailored Fit Jos. A. Bank dress shirts from their 1905 line. These are among my favorite dress shirts. The construction is exceptional with all of the features you expect in a better-quality dress shirt including premium cotton, single needle side seam stitching, split yoke, pattern matching, tightly sewn buttonholes, and tight stitching. Collars are usually one of the first places to show wear. However, the Jos. A. Bank shirts have exceptionally durable reinforced collars and cuffs. The cotton fabric has a dense thread count that gives better-than-average durability.

I like the crisp, clean, classic proportions of the collar and the removable collar stays. The sleeve placket is buttoned. Also, the shirt has the generous length needed in dress shirts to stay tucked in all day (this is not a shirt you would wear untucked). For the price, you are getting a shirt that would cost two or three times as much if sold by designer brands that have more cachet. Jos. A. Bank dress shirts offer great value for the money.

These are non-iron 100% cotton shirts. Personally, I iron all of my dress shirts to ensure that the final bit of professional crispness is always added. I’ve never owned a non-iron dress shirt from any brand that I would ever wear without a quick ironing. These shirts look like new with a quick steam ironing.

Now, here is the only caveat I must mention about Jos. A. Bank Tailored Fit dress shirts …

Jos. A. Bank Dress Shirts Review
One of My Jos. A.Bank Tailored Fit 1905 Collection Non-Iron Cotton Shirts

Jos. A. Bank Dress Shirts Fit …

I always purchase tailored fit shirts. They offer the ideal fit for my height and build. I find that the Tailored Fit shirts offered by Jos. A. Bank tend to be a bit looser in the body and closer to regular fit than similar shirts from Brooks Brothers and other quality shirtmakers. This is a bit puzzling as I find that Jos. A. Bank Tailored Fit suits and sport coats fit me perfectly with no alterations. However, I need to alter my Jos. A. Bank Tailored Fit shirts side seams to make them fit better. If you are on the slim side, you may have a similar issue. That is the only complaint I have about an otherwise exceptional line of dress shirts.

A recent Jos. A. Bank dress shirt sale ad in my Facebook feed. A good deal!
A recent Jos. A. Bank dress shirt sale ad in my Facebook feed. A good deal!

So there you have it. Jos A. Bank dress shirts offer exceptional value for the price, with all of the luxury touches you expect from a better-quality cotton dress shirt. Buy them on sale four at a time for the best value.

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